Raw Cleansing – Mono Meals & Mandalas

On September 27th, at 8:18 PM, we welcomed my new grand-daughter to this world.  I got to be there to watch her amazing entry into this life.  She is healthy, precious and hoping to go home today with her Mom and Dad.  Can you tell I am happy?

Raw Cleansing – Beautiful Borscht Salad, Cashew Cream Dip and Flax Crackers

Today we are going to get a little more gourmet and give you recipes for a Beautiful Borscht Salad, Cashew Cream Dip and Flax Crackers.  You will need a dehydrator for the Flax Crackers or you can buy some at your local co-op or online.  I made Lisa Pitman’s Beautiful Borscht Salad and a Cashew Cream […]

Raw Cleansing – Day in the Life of a Raw Cleanse

Hello,  As I am writing this I am waiting for my daughter, who is in the beginning stages of labor, to have her baby.  This will be my first grandchild and I am so excited!  I only had 1 child so it was luck of the draw that I am fortunate enough to get this […]

Raw Cleansing – Sprouts, the Fun Way to Grow Your Own Food!

Sprouts are the power of the seed realized and they are so full of phytonutrients and living enzymes that they are very good for you when doing a cleanse!  Growing your own sprouts is easy, cost-effective and tasty too.  I started sprouting my own seeds with a growing kit from Sprout People.  They have a […]