My Biggest Anti-aging Tip

Those that know me will likely think I am going to share with you about raw food, and while that is a strong second tip, it is not my first tip for staying youthful. No, my tip is much more broad. It is something that might have you choose to do a raw cleanse, but it is not the cleanse.

My number one tip is to TAKE RISKS! There is a tendency when we get older to contract. We suddenly know how badly all those risks can turn out, so we avoid them. We know what we like, so we order it every time we go to our favorite restaurant. We are comfortable with our family and friends, so we let fewer people in.


AVOID GRAVITY. TAKE RISKS. What was the thing you had a glimmer to do? Drive home a new way. Say hi to the teen at the bus stop. Ride a bike. Swim in the river. Dance until dawn. Sign up for that class. Read a new book that’s outside your comfort zone. Visit a new country you haven’t seen. Walk the Camino solo. Retire early.

I say this as I prepare to attend my first World Domination Summit. To be honest, I don’t know really what it is and it sounds scary, but when Courtney Carver found out I live in Portland, Oregon, where the Summit is held, she said “Oh, you should attend” and that was enough to have me now preparing to attend my first Summit.

So I wait to have this experience which has the potential to shift my views and open me up to new adventures! Yes, I’m taking that risk and living my life fully! What risk will you take today, this week, this month?

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  1. Tasha says:

    Good for you! This is great!!! I’d just like to add, while doing all of those things…drink plenty of water!!!


  2. Driving home a new way is something I have been doing recently. Its always good to have new experiences.


  3. Nice post, and so true! As a veteran risk-taker I also find that spending plenty of time in nature (gardening, hiking, relaxing) greatly adds to my quality of life.
    Now I will have to add that new twist you mentioned, to my annual get-away to California!


  4. conniefletcher says:

    I love this! I have been four weeks on a road trip all the way from northeastern Washington to southeastern Tennessee–today is my last leg.
    I was inspired to drive alone after something Elizabeth Gilbert said about traveling by herself. She discovered that a 50-something woman traveling alone was pretty much invisible to everyone else. It’s true!
    At first I was intimidated, then the day of departure came, and strangely all second thoughts flew out the window. Yes, I hit some bad weather. Yes, my check engine light came on. Twice.
    Would I go again? Yes!


  5. theresa says:

    so where is your blog? how did/do you start one?


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