Hello, I’m Kathy…I choose to retire early and begin the adventure of finding “me.” After working full-time for more than 33 years first as a nurse and later managing several departments in healthcare, I started writing about “the 3rd chapter” of my life and embracing the notion I was indeed, the author and creator of my own life. Soon I found myself experimenting and enjoying experiences that enriched my life. I decluttered my home in every room, closet, and drawer. I walked 500 miles through France and Spain with everything I needed in my backpack. I created goals for reducing my impact on the earth and for increasing my impact in my relationships.

Over time, I found this simple, intentional life brought me peace and happiness.



A pivotal point for me came on the Camino de Santiago where I found myself living for two months out of a backpack. Basically carrying everything I needed to sustain me on my back. Each day I walked about 14 miles and had lots of time to think out in nature. After 40 days of “walk, wash, eat, rest, and repeat” I got to the most simple place I’d ever been. I realized how little we need, the importance of our experiences and our relationships, as well as living our lives fully.

Once I returned home, friends noticed the “new me” and wanted to know how I did what I did. So I invited them to join me in private online groups where we focused on decluttering and simplifying our lives, doing seasonal raw cleanses to clear out and tune up our bodies, and exploring topics to expand the self we’d come to know ourselves to be.



Now I offer a range of creative courses running throughout the year sharing the tools and techniques that helped me design a simple and intentional life. Hundreds of people from countries around the world have joined together to explore their homes, health, hearts, and lives with me.

As a nurturing Minimalist and Intentional Life Facilitator, I work with busy, smart, creative women all over the world. Together, we create a clear, calm, intentional space, and in that create the desires that everyone deserves to experience! The online support walks participants through the areas of life that matter most and brings back balance allowing each woman to blossom and find contentment. Let me help you simple up!



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