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For those of you who read (and watched) yesterday’s blog about what a minimalist might have in their bedroom and closet, I wanted to share an added benefit I had never considered. Cleaning now takes half the time it used to!

Yes, just think back to my bedroom and closet. To clean the bedroom, I dust two night stands, vacuum, wash the sheets and I’m done. There’s nothing else in that room to tend to! Based on what I have on the night stands, the whole room takes 5-10 minutes to clean top to bottom (excluding laundry cycle time). Another trick…it’s so easy, I am more likely to do that cleaning!


Now, on to the closet. I’ve done three rounds of Project 333 which you can follow here, here and here. This is a project where you select 33 items to wear for 3 months. Clothes, jewelry, accessories, coats and shoes count. Underwear, gym wear and jewelry you never take off, don’t count. The last Project 333 round finished with me doing another major de-clutter, this time using the Marie Kondo method. At that point I didn’t count, but I suspect all of my clothing and shoes totaled 50-75 items. I continue to put seasonal items in my guest closet, to allow my present closet to be items I am actively wearing. The unexpected benefit of this is, so much more ease when getting dressed. Now I only have items that I love and that fit. This gives me way more focus and way less indecision when it’s time to go from shower to ready for my day.

With less cleaning, more focus, having items I love and use, I experience more peace of mind. That is a quality that is not easy to quantify, but it’s value is known and felt every day.

2006 E

Here’s to peace of mind. It matters even if we can’t measure it! How might you create more peace in your world?

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  1. Reading this leaves me inspired. I like the flexibility of accomplishing the same goal, but tailored to one’s personal needs. I feel ready to tackle my desk drawers! 😁


  2. Thank you Kathy in continuing to share your journey here in your bkog. I did very much enjoy the video peek in you home. I am inspired to someday soon do the same. Now that my kids are older and some are closer to moving out, I have no excuses to hold onto to so much stuff except that I’ve been too lazy to take care of it. I really appreciate the peaceful feeling, less stuff brings.


    • Thanks Tonia. It starts with desire and will be much easier with less people. Even doing only 3 things on a surface in a couple of areas is one good way to start.


  3. Tasha says:

    Hey Kathy! I’m always looking for ways to cut down on cleaning time so that I have more time for other things. Time management is a bit of a struggle for me. You seem to have it down to a science!! Love your blog


  4. Hi Kathy, I totally agree with de-cluttering as much as possible. I’m on the same path. Your far ahead of me. Inspiring! Leni


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