My Word for 2023

A Big thanks to my friend Penny who introduced me to having a word to guide my year more than twenty years ago. It has been a guiding light each year and a lens through which to listen and learn as the years experiences unfold. You can use a formal process which Susannah Conway shares each year with her readers or you can just be open to what you want to experience. Penny and I used to watch fireworks while sipping Champagne on New Years at her San Diego apartment overlooking the bay. As the big blasts of color showered the skies we’d come up with our word signaling a new year, a new energy!

My word for 2022 was “Nourish” and at first I thought to use a similar word “Flourish” might be fun, but upon looking up its meaning, it just didn’t fit. I also toyed with “Create” or “Creative” and while I like them, it wasn’t a slam dunk! My word came to me when I was least expecting it. I was crossing the street and sipping on coffee with a smile on my face as the word “Synchronicity” almost felt like it was audibly said to me. I wasn’t even thinking about what my word should be…but it felt clear, yes, this one fits for 2023! To me it means noticing where synchronicity is present or absent and leaning in to the places and moments when it shows up.

May 2023 be a year of manifesting our word on all levels. Do you pick a word for the year? If so, please share it below and why you chose it.


  1. Penny Guinther says:

    My word for 2023 is Becoming. Like Kathy, my word just dropped in when I wasn’t even thinking about it. I had been struggling with turning 75, being 3/4 of a century old and wondering if the best of my life was over. When that word came to me it totally changed my perspective. I realized that I was so blessed to be alive to turn 75. So many people have not reached that milestone.
    So what I am I becoming at this stage of my life? Asking that question seemed to open up my world and I feel excitement when I think about it and realize that it isn’t a goal to reach but a way of living. All my choices will affect who and what I am becoming so it’s a good word to remember and to keep that curiosity and excitement alive as I progress through this year!


    • Beautiful word and demonstration of how it can enrich your year and point of view. You rock! Can’t wait to see how 2023 unfolds for you my friend. Thanks for introducing me to this process. 💗


  2. Jane Wolfe says:

    My word is explore. It feels me with a sense of adventure and curiosity. Want to do a mixed media collage so the word will be in front of me.


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