Life as an Experiment


I’ve noticed two tendencies within myself. One is to be on auto-pilot, where I’m going through the motions of my day-to-day life without hardly noticing my choices. The other tendency is to take things too seriously and give too much thought to decisions, choices, patterns, etc.

One way I find the middle ground between these is to view my life as an experiment. To lean in and try new things from the wonder of a child…how might I generate less trash, can I walk 500 miles, how will I feel if I stop eating meat, can I go one month without buying new things other than consumables?

When I live from this place of life as an experiment, I am conscious about my choices, but I “lean in” versus “get overly serious about the outcome.” It becomes an inquiry, versus an “I have to be perfect” approach.

An experiment gives me room to fail…for it’s outcome is unknown.

I have my hypothesis and I take actions to support a good outcome, all the while noticing how it is working or not. I embrace discovery which is much more playful and open as opposed to being routine or super intense.

For me this is one way I’ve enriched my life. Retirement gave me full permission to begin experimenting and I am so glad it has caused me to try so many new things!

What’s one experiment you might try in the next month? Listen to that soft voice inside you and then lean in and see what you discover!


  1. Gena says:

    Thank you for this today Kathy. Seems you were speaking directly to me 😌


  2. terrie4me says:

    Thank you.

    I feel inspired and fond helpful to remind myself to do the same❣


  3. Betty Shelley says:

    I love to have little experiments, much like you do. It satisfies a curiosity as well as helping me test if my thinking about a particular idea or practice is accurate. And to me it’s creative and great fun.


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