I Leap Naked Into the Void

I remember just after high school drawing a picture of someone naked leaping off a cliff and you could not tell where they would land.  Well once again I am leaping off that cliff and this time into what I am calling the “3rd Chapter of My Life.”  Chapter 1 was all about discovery of self from birth through early college.  Chapter 2 has been about family and others and it encompasses meeting Dave, having a child and all my working years.  I have made the decision to retire early and in about 3 months that will become a reality.  I will be going from having plenty of money and almost no time, to quite the opposite…lots of time, but needing to be quite frugal with my funds.

Early retirement was not something I planned for really.  It was something I looked forward to “having as an option” when I turn 55 but more recently it is more like a calling that I can’t ignore.  I think my trip to India in February was the start of the journey.  It feels like that trip opened up my heart nice and wide, like it had not felt in some time.  With that huge open heart some of the changes at work have been harder for me to absorb without feeling more and more out of integrity.  We are doing good work, don’t get me wrong, but I am feeling more and more like the disciplinarian and less like that creative, nurturing person that is a coach drawing out peoples talents.

And so September 20th, 2012 will be my last day with Kaiser Permananete after 18 years.  I will head out to the NW Veg Fest and one week later help my daughter move from girlfriend to wife and then I will begin to explore that “void” to see what is contained in there.  I think this 3rd chapter is about finding “God” and coming full circle from self to others to that higher purpose.  Wish me luck!


  1. Gaye Abbott says:

    Kathy! This is fabulous news…and I saw it unfolding even when I was in Oregon. You will LOVE this phase of life. I know that I do! Sending lots of love your way…. Gaye


  2. Thanks Gaye for your support and being witness to what’s next. I appreciate it!


    • Mom says:

      Congratulations Kathy on your major decision. I know you will do fine and this might be a great stress reliever. But boy, I’d better wake up and pay attention as I must be getting older and hadn’t been noticing. Be assured that you will find plenty to do in your retirement years. There will be lots of choices. Much love always, Mom


  3. Cathy Zaitzow says:

    Hi Kathy,
    As always, I am thinking of you as “our” birthday approaches. What a great way to celebrate! I know you will find the right path for your next chapter.
    I moved to Seattle with Frank and Caitlin last fall, so please let me know when you are up this way and we can play!
    Happy , happy!


  4. John Geer says:

    What you are doing is awesome, I knew you going to India would spark something within you and it did. It takes guts to leave something that you have been doing for so long and I do understand what a “job” does to a person, it sucks the life out of you, the creative part of ourselves seems to disappear.
    You are going to experience so much more than the usual daily grind, go in peace and cherish each moment, and come visit us in Hawaii.


  5. Eneli Stone says:

    Dear Kathy,
    I understand the inability to be a creative, nurturing coach in your current role. The leap into an unknown future is indeed a brave one, but I am confident that you will create new exciting opportunities for yourself. The journey of life is never an easy road to travel, but by accepting new challenges, it is certainly more interesting.
    There is a lot for you to look forward to especially with Myra’s wedding.
    Keep up posted.
    Thinking of you,


  6. Sylvia says:


    What a beautiful spot to be in–full of potential!

    There is nothing like the intimate, joyful, supportive and loving relationship with our own Divinity. A different life.

    And who knows what unexpected opportunities may come up to create additional abundance?

    Much love,


  7. Christine Scanlon says:


    I am so happy for you and wish you the best in your new journey. Congradulations to your daughter on her engagement and wedding to come. If you are ever in Bend please give me a call.

    With Love


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