Why I Walk

Number one, because I can! I appreciate that my legs can carry me and wish to use them while they can. As I get older, I realize this is not a given and so I celebrate today that I can walk by walking. 

For my health. As a prediabetic since 2010, walking helps keep me in the pre-diabetes versus diabetes range. I plan to get new lab work done when I return home to see if my HgbA1C is improved. 

For adventure.  Having goals to see new places on foot has added to my own adventure…wether that is in town or abroad. Going a new route on foot opens one’s eyes to see new things. To stumble upon a cafe or shop or see a new flower along the way!

For my soul. Walking, being in nature, and moving all feed my soul and allow me to take time to reflect upon this life and what is important to me.

Walking is the cheapest sport and it is very low risk for injury when compared to other sports. It requires only good shoes. It gets you in nature which is healing in and of itself. Moving is good for body, mind and spirit. 

Did you know that walking is mother nature’s natural anti-depressant? Start wherever you are and gradually increase your steps! If you’d like to joins my online group for support with waking, check it out on Facebook under 100 Mile Month. You don’t have to walk 100 miles to join. 

Bon Chemin which mean’s “good walk” in French!

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  1. Hi Kathy. I really enjoyed reading this blog. Yes, we are lucky to have legs that can support us and take us on adventures. I’m lucky that I don’t have any major illnesses or diseases to overcome, but I’ve noticed just recently that the inches around my hips are beginning to melt away Hoorah!! I also feel so much better for it, being in nature soothes my soul. I love walking, always have. I can happily walk up to 8 hours at a time which I believe, after reading all the Camino blogs, will stand me in good stead for my journey. In January of this year I joined in the #walk1000miles challenge and have so far passed the 500 mile mark. It’s amazing how, once you get going, you can build up to a point that you never thought you’d manage before you start. Buen Camino and keep walking.


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