The Camino is Calling

My first whisper of the Camino de Santiago came about 5 years ago when Marzenda, a woman in a class I was taking, mentioned she wanted to do this 500-mile walk abroad with her granddaughter.  I wondered what would inspire her to do such a thing?  Last year I saw the movie “The Way” starring Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez.  It opened my heart and was a good movie about relationships, travel and this unique path that people have walked for more than 1,400 years.

Camino de Santiago

The next morning I woke up with a fleeting thought that I would like to do the Camino.  Before long, that fleeting thought would circle around in my brain multiple times carving it’s own path into the future.  I don’t know if I spoke my desire to do the Camino out loud, but as I was walking with Portland Fit in late Spring of 2012, a walker who had lost several pounds via walking and who had near 75 pounds to go to be at her goal weight said she was doing the Camino in June 2013.  Just knowing someone else had the goal allowed me to declare that I too wanted to do it!  Most thoughts come and go, but some stick and strongly engage my heart and when they do so, it feels to me like something I cannot ignore. And so for me the Camino became a calling.

Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

A “Pilgrimage” is intentional travel into the unknown (outside previous experience) which is likely to involve hardship.

At times as I began to plan my trip I thought I might go with other people, but as things unfolded it became clear that this is a journey I am meant to make on my own.


There are at least 12 paths through France, Spain and Portugal.  Of these, there are 5 paths that bring you to the destination of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  The path I will be taking is the Camino Frances which starts in St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  It is the same path taken in the movie “The Way” and is sometimes referred to as the way of St. James.  About 200,000 people make this pilgrimage each year for physical and spiritual renewal.  It’s popularity has increased by tenfold in the past ten years, but is still less than half the estimated pilgrims who walked the Camino each year during the Medieval period.

Camino de Santiago - Camino de Frances

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To follow along on a more detailed map, please use this link and click on the day or area to see more detail.


The pilgrimage is about 800 KM (or 500 miles).  It is usually taken on foot, but people can ride bikes or go via horseback.  The average person takes about 5 weeks to go this distance staying in Albergues (hostels) along the way.  It is estimated that only 10% of those who do the Camino train for it.  Trails are marked by the shell pointing the way on paved paths, paved roads, dirt paths and over rocky terrain.  Those on foot carry their belongings and most suggest taking 2 changes of clothes (one to wear and one to change into).  Food is obtained at albergues or bars/cafes along the way.  Most towns are 3-8 miles apart with the opportunity to stop and sleep in a variety of places.  A typical day is about 15 miles of walking.  Temperatures in June and July can range from the low 40’s to high 90’s Fahrenheit.

Camino Shell for Wayfinding


I want to do the Camino to stretch who I know myself to be; physically, mentally and spiritually.  It already has been a great step to see how simple I can be with what I need to take for an 8-week journey.  I know without a doubt, that in doing the Camino I will learn new things about myself, others and life.


  • I will be posting a daily photo and brief update to Facebook on days when I have WiFi.  You can reference the map to see where I am on my journey and get a sneak peek of the Camino.
  • I may (no promises) blog once or twice while on my journey.  To be notified of new blog entries, please go to my main blog page  and click on “follow” in the top right hand corner.  That way if I do post, you will be notified via email.

Walking the Camino


New book on the Camino

New book on the Camino


  • Listen to the angels along the Camino.  They will guide you.
  • Travel light.  Those who travel light and don’t make it a race, finish their Camino.
  • Break in your hiking boots and backpack prior to departure.  Invest in shoes that fit and study up on blister prevention and treatment.
  • Plan ahead, but also leave yourself open to adventure!  Don’t over plan.



  • May 28th – Leave Portland
  • May 29th – Arrive in Paris
  • June 3rd – Fly to Biarritz, Airport coach to Bayonne, Rail to St. Jean Pied de Port
  • June 4th – Begin the Camino
  • Walk 500 miles one step at a time
  • If time allows after arrival in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, walk the Camino de Finisterre & return via Muxia
  • July 22nd – Fly to Madrid
  • July 23rd – Depart from Madrid, Spain to Portland

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  1. Sharon Argus says:

    First, I am going to rent the movie “The Way”. I am excited to follow your journey on the computer. I am a fan of yours.


  2. Peg Evans says:

    Kat, my friend!
    I will be with you in joyous spirit! You continue to inspire me after all these years!
    Much love,
    Peg, aka, fan #2


  3. Maureen says:

    I have seen the movie, “The Way” and it was definitely an inspiring and entertaining film. Good for you, Kathy, You’ve got me thinking about it…..thanks


  4. molly schwartz says:

    Be clear, be there and enjoy the peace and spirit of yur adventrue. Know I will be thnkingof you with love and caring.


  5. calyons248 says:

    Kathy, you are one of the most courages women I know. You inspire me more than you know. Much love is sent to you & I look forward to your posts as you make this beautiful journey. Catherine


  6. Buen Camino! Also, if you want to link to my website: there are some useful things there for pilgrims, like packing list recommendations, as well as some info on technology while walking on the Camino, among other things. Looking forward to doing your pack shakedown! I think you should do a blog post on that for sure! 🙂


    • Thanks for the wonderful link! I will definitely do a blog on what I am bringing and in it include the link to your blog as well as here in the comments. Thanks for the “shakedown” offer, it should be fun! I am so glad I connected with you and the other Portland Pilgrims prior to leaving on this journey. It does a heart good to talk to others who have done it.


  7. Noreen Bristow says:

    Great movie…. I will be anxiously waiting your recordings of your journey (& photos)!


  8. Kristina says:

    Kathy my friend, I am so excited for and proud of you and this amazing journey! Looking forward to following along (and see you this weekend, yay!).


  9. Roc says:

    Aloha it’s Rox I am so excited for you this adventure is going to be just so awesome there was actually a moment that i thought how fun with this be But that Moment Pass right by I want to hear all the Exciting and wonderful details when you get back of course and we will see you then, bye


    • Thanks Rox for living the adventure through me. I will keep you posted and am so glad you will be watching over my home and kitty. Blessings to you and John.


  10. Say Simba says:

    Great to find your story. Thank you for sharing.


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