Welcome to My Best Year!

I mentioned in my last post that I had some changes coming to my website. Well, welcome to the unveiling of My Best Year! What started as a blog in retirement, has now turned into a business.


I LOVE that it has evolved naturally, by doing what I love to do. I adore writing, doing creative experiments, leading groups on Facebook, and empowering others to be conscious editors of their own lives. The Third Chapter was a bit more about me, and while some of that won’t be going away…the new thrust and passion in my work is helping women to create lives that are Simple, Intentional and Soulful! It makes my heart sing, just to see these words!

I’m starting a new monthly newsletter to offer tips on ways to keep our lives less complex, less off our true targets and more fulfilling to our spirit. So what are you waiting for, sign up now!

I’ve also taken a course that I facilitated in 2015 and revamped it! It’s now called “My Best Year” and it’s the heart of my business. I encourage people to think of it like a gym membership, but not just for your body, it’s also for your mind and your soul! The goal is that 12 months after starting, you truly will be able to say “it was my best year!”

What we do is, take a topic each month, and explore it deeply. We start off with some written content and a bite-sized assignment via email. You explore the topic in your own time and have a Program Partner to share your journey and goals with. We also have an online Facebook community for support and to use as a sounding board. And, if that’s not enough, we have leaders on the topics that are part of our monthly webinars. You can get to know the content, the people, and to ask questions of the experts themselves!


For January, our topic is Simplify Your Life, and we’ve got my favorite minimalist, Courtney Carver, author of the blog Be More With Less, creator of Project 333 and some amazing e-courses. We’ll be talking about digital clutter, busy lives, physical clutter and how it impacts health, and lots more!

By focusing on one topic for the whole month, you get to know where you stand on that topic, where you are on target, and where you might have some gaps. Once identified, those gaps become goals, where your own learning and growth come into play.


Themes for 2016 include:

  • January – Simplify Your Life – Courtney Carver
  • February – Intention & Why It Matters – Chriss Lemmon
  • March – Without Health, Nothing else Matters – Dr. Deanna Minich
  • April – Sacred Living – Natalia Karoway
  • May – Self Care as the Core – Liz Smith
  • June – Building Daily Habits that Support You! – My Best Year Group
  • July – Creativity – Find Your Muse – Bev Martin
  • August – Finding Financial Freedom & Abundance – Luna Jaffe
  • September – Love & Sexuality – Sophia Treyger
  • October – Keys to Awesome Communication – Maren Souders
  • November – Become a Gratitude Warrior/Lover – Frank Ferrante
  • December – Dynamic Balance – Handling stress & Change with Resilience – Melissa Mattern


If you’d like to be part of the My Best Year Program, it’s only $25 a month and the first month is FREE. So sign up here to become a member.


I will continue to lead my FREE once a year group decluttering project in December and January. This year I got more specific in the assignments and we have more than doubled. I love waking up to see the open, honest conversations our members are having about where they are stuck, where they just had a big success, and how much they are getting from the program. I also appreciate the collective wisdom and support the group offers to one another. It’s really amazing! It’s not too late to sign up for your FREE One-week Declutter Kickstart and get your assignments emailed to your inbox.

I will do my own spring, summer and fall raw cleanses and for anyone wishing to join me, you can do so via the My Best Year program itself…because we will have seasonal nutrition and fitness goals as part of that bigger program. I said it was like a gym membership…didn’t I?


My website now has a “Featured Projects” section on my home page. This is where you can easily find the top six projects I am working on, and get any progress updates. Wondering about my Trash Project, the Pilgrim Project, etc, just look in the featured projects section to see the latest update.

And my blogs are all still there on the home page under “Recent Posts”, or the “view all” tab to the right of recent posts, or via the small triple bar at top right of the homepage.

If you like what I’m up to, be sure to share it with your friends and family. I’ve got a new website address –  www.mybestyear.me and http://www.the3rdchapter.me is also forwarded there as well.

Here’s to a wonderful, happy and healthy 2016 for us all!



  1. E Eichler says:

    At the behinning, should be “souLful”. Good luck on the new career. And your promo photos are great…


  2. veganemma says:

    This sounds great Kathy! So excited for you! 🙂


  3. cindy says:

    Fantastic news Kathy! Always inventing yourself.Keeping it fresh! It’s your life!


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