What’s Going with Me

I’m preparing to walk 1,000 miles in 88 days through France and Spain. Some of those with be touring or rest days. I’m whittling down my pack list to get to the core of what’s essential, while realizing it doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be adapted as I go.

Here’s what made the final cut in my 19 pound pack:


Basics for footwear


Clothes for the plane


Some essentials with nice and luxury items.

Essential:  (with weight in ounces in parenthesis if not wearing and * if wearing)

  • Backpack (64)
  • Boots*
  • Socks*
  • Pants*
  • Shirt*
  • Bra*
  • Underwear*
  • Jacket*
  • Rain jacket (5.75)
  • Sun hat (2.5)
  • Canteen (7.5 empty, 25 full)
  • Guidebook (11.25)
  • Walking stick x 1 (7.5)
  • Quick Dry Towel (3.25)
  • Sleep sack (4.5)
  • Passport, Cash, Credit Cards (2)
  • Sunscreen (2)
  • Soap – can be used for bathing, shampoo and washing clothes in the sink (5.25)
  • Contacts, Contact solution (2)
  • Glasses, case and clip on sunglasses (3.5)
  • Toothbrush (0.5)
  • Hairbrush (1.2)
  • Nail clippers (1.5)

TOTAL: 124 ounces, approximately 8 pounds (9 pounds with full canteen)


My foot care kit


Purse with items that go inside it


“Nice to have” – Zip pants, tank, short sleeve shirt, dress and Flashdry long john top & pants.

Nice to have:

  • Sandals (16.75)
  • Bandana x 2 (2.25)
  • Change of clothes (40)
  • Dress (10)
  • Gloves (1.5)
  • Boot brush (1.25)
  • Wine opener (0.6)
  • Spork (0.25)
  • Buff for warm hat, scarf, insect mask. (1.7)
  • Hair conditioner (4)
  • Tooth powder (2)
  • Tongue scraper (0.5)
  • Blinky mask & ear plugs (1)
  • Deodorant (4.8)
  • Coconut oil for feet and moisturizer (2.5)
  • Hangnail trimmers (0.5)
  • Tweezers (0.5)
  • Day pack for touring or if ship backpack ahead (7)
  • Diaper pins for hanging clothes to dry (0.3)
  • Eagle Creek Packing Cubes (2.25)
  • Purse (7.25)
  • Lip balm (0.1)
  • Hair ties (0.65)
  • Shell (1.25)

TOTAL: 108 ounces, approximately 7 pounds


luxury items I am taking

Comfort / luxury Items:

  • Journal (11.5)
  • Second guide book and coconut oil I’m sending to halfway point.
  • Pens (0.5)
  • Keyboard (7)
  • Gumby – for photos for my granddaughter. (1)
  • iPhone (with charger, earbuds and adapter) (10.75)
  • Essential oils, homeopathic meds for jet lag and injury (3.25)
  • S hook to keep backpack off floor (1.25)
  • Umbrella (8.2)    I’ll be curious to see if I use this. Wish one could count on no rain, but that is not the case. 

TOTAL: 42 ounces, approximately 3 pounds

Ways I cut weight:

  • Cut a large quick dry towel in half.
  • Left blanket, iPhone tripod, scarf, Leatherman, stuff sack, clothesline, food container and travel washcloth at home.
  • Shipping 1 deodorant, 1 coconut oil jar and second guidebook to halfway point
  • Put conditioner in a smaller container.
  • Simplified essential oils.
  • Removed the sleep sack and towel from sack they came in.

It’s amazing how even though I’ve simplified my life, this task had its challenges. I began with all items I possibly could want weighing in at 28 pounds, and then whittled away 9 pounds based on ideas shared through friends and much consideration. This time was harder than my 2013 Camino. Perhaps that is because I am much more aware of how weight can impact one’s journey. It’s important to remember, I’m not going to a third world country and it’s okay to release things along the way!


I did a backpack shakedown with John & Robin Pigott. This is the items we planned to remove. 

So it’s time to stop packing and get on with this journey. Today is T-0 as my flight leaves in about 6 hours. I am no longer accepting ideas for what to bring and leave behind. If you’ve got a better idea, just apply it to your own pack list.

I feel very blessed to get to go on this adventure and know I will learn and play along the way! If you want to follow me, I’ll be posting to my Facebook page.





  1. Darlene Curtis says:

    Being Camino Kathy!
    The things you will pack that have no physical weight:
    Your friends and family blessings
    Your knowledge
    Your enthusiasm
    Our best wishes and prayers
    Your love of life and respect of others
    Your memories

    I can’t wait to read your posts and will be viewing the maps while thinking of you all along the way. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Bein Camino!


  2. Barb Briley says:

    Good luck and looking forward to reading as u go. We leave for Mexico tomorrow morning for a week. I will be mindful of my packing as well! I will be packing floss!!! Don’t quite understand the tongue scraper …. when u can brush it with your toothbrush!! 😍 U go girl.


  3. Tricia Peterman says:

    May God bless your every step. I am 100% with you in spirit. I’m so glad you have the spirit to do this as I know you will be greatly blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mightieheidi says:

    You’re an inspiration, Kathy! Thank you for sharing your process. I’m learning so much already. I look forward to following your posts along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. John Pigott says:

    Off to a great start. Looking forward to following your trip. Enjoy each and every day. They are gifts. Bon chemin.


  6. Buen Camino and safe travels. Thanks ever so much for this fantastic list. I’m going to take notes 😉😉
    Have a fantastic 3 months, I’ll be following and look forward to your updates.


  7. shruti502 says:

    All the very best for the adventure.Looking forward to reading your journey along.Have a fantastic week ahead!


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