100 Mile Month

It all began with our topic on habits in June as part of the My Best Year program that I run as part of my business. I was seeking a way to take a current habit, but expand it. I LOVE to walk, and I often do about 20 miles a week, but sometimes I was slacking a bit.

And then it happened! I had the idea to make June a 100 mile month. To push myself a bit more. But, what unfolded I really hadn’t expected. Somehow saying I had the goal to walk 100 miles that month caught people’s attention. It was much more memorable than 20 miles a week. It also pulled me forward because it was new, it was so concrete, and people were taking notice.

I began looking for new ways to get more walking in. Walk to a restaurant. Ask a friend to walk instead of going out for coffee or tea. Put on my shoes and allow my feet to carry me 6 miles to a meeting with my Financial Girlfriend, Lisa Brumm, downtown…then take the bus back home.

What started off as a stretch, ended up with me walking 107 miles in June. And, as the month was drawing to a close, friends began to mention they wanted to join me if I did a 100 mile month in July. We are now a group of 30 people with the goal to walk 100 miles a month.

You can actually start wherever you are! If you want to have the goal of 30 miles, 50, 100 or more…you are welcome to join us. You can do it from anywhere in the world. It’s all about accountability and support. Somehow just reporting out to the group, keeps us moving more. In fact, some of the group is going to have to up the ante big time next month as they have already exceeded 100 miles.

Just by having a goal, you allow yourself to be much more mindful of your performance in that area. And mindfulness is the first step to any transformation or habit change.

So strap on your shoes and join us for August and September while the weather is good! Walking is the most simple form of exercise and it has so many benefits. You’ll be glad you got moving more!

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