Pausing to Reflect

I’ve been retired for three years now and as that third anniversary swung around this past September, I saw it as the perfect time to pause and reflect.



Young woman making chapati in the Bishnoi Village of India in 2012


A real brief recap…in 2012 I went on a trip to India, upon return I took notice that who I was as a person had been evolving while at the same time the demands of my job as a manager and nurse had also been changing. The gap between the two was widening. I made the decision (after doing multiple spreadsheets) to retire rather unexpectedly…thus beginning what I call “my third chapter.”

Since retirement, I began blogging and started creating experiments for myself. Things like taking the time to “rest and listen”, decluttering my entire home, cleaning up inflammation in my body by eating raw foods for a period of time, becoming a pilgrim and walking 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago, and discovering minimalism and the power of simplicity.



Walking the Camino de Santiago in 2013


As I did my second round of decluttering my home, I invited others to join me. There was a synergy in us doing this together. I also began to lead groups in doing raw cleansing together, and again, having each other there for support and to share the journey with, enhanced the cleanse.

At first I thought decluttering, cleansing, and doing a pilgrimage had nothing in common. But, then I saw a theme! All of these are about transformation…changing things up and allowing new experiences to take place. It was reassuring to know I wasn’t some crazy woman with random interests…but how deeply each one of things can impact a life, is what I was after…for myself and to share with like-minded souls.



Decluttering my cookbooks in 2014


Last year on December 22nd I woke up with this idea to keep that amazing transformative spirit of our decluttering group going by creating a year-long program which I called “Creating The Life That You Want in 2015.” It’s a group of amazing women who have taken the time to explore all aspects of their lives closely. And, in that exploring, seeing where their lives are right on target or any areas that need some enhancing or changes. We all want this amazing life, but many of us are stuck in automatic patterns of getting up, going to work, coming home, eating, resting, then repeat.

You might say this group is a bit like a gym membership…only it’s not just for the body, but rather, the body, mind and spirit. It’s about not waiting until retirement to have a good life, but taking steps NOW to create that life!

Feet walking

With the help of some amazing people my life has evolved into me sharing amazing experiences with so many people. Jacqueline Nichols helped me explore Airbnb, write my first book and begin to see myself as an entrepreneur. This fall Theresa Pridemore took my hand and helped me identify the gifts that I have to share via her unique method of Soul Branding. It was a deep dive into all the things I had created, taking them apart to understand what parts to keep, let go of and where to put my focus. With Theresa’s help I am now making changes on my website that you will see in the next two weeks. Ailey Hines helped me edit website content (with the heart of the message, not just grammar in mind)…what a treat to have some other eyes on my text.

A refresh of the website would not be complete without new photos. You all know I am usually the one taking the photo, but this time I reached out to Britney Gardner to help capture the essence of the unique soul of my business. She helps photograph “the business you want tomorrow.” She made it fun day of pampering and playing – in her studio, downtown and in my own home. I can’t wait to see the photos and get them onto the new website!

One other BIG transformation was taking my boring empty office that housed my Reiki table, a file cabinet and a rug – and creating a fresh space. Carrie Ure helped me by doing a consultation that started with “the feeling I wanted to have in my office.” The words “inspiration” and “creativity” were what popped up…so we got to work on selecting colors that reflect that. We took a power object and allowed it to inspire us as a fun way to transform the space. I still have some finishing touches of artwork that I want to add, but just changing the paint, shifted how I feel in that room. It’s now where I tape all of my webinars. And, not only did Carrie help me select the colors I needed, but she is an amazing painter who took care of the painting and cleanup too!


Before photo of room


After photo of cream ceiling and pink wall


Side view of room


I do feel creative and inspired in this room now!

All of these amazing women are available to support you. I’ve included their links for ease in connecting you. 

So, back to my pause to reflect. I’ve basically spent my spare time this fall looking at repackaging what I do. Look for the new website changes in the next two weeks and some fun offerings. I’m not going to give it all away now…as I really want to show it to you!



Don’t be surprised if you go to my website over the next week or two and it looks a bit odd. I’m doing the changes myself, so it might be a work in process, versus “fully baked” when you view it. I’ll announce the grand unveil when it’s all done!

Thanks for your support of my blog and business. I’ve been so blessed with readers and clients who enrich my own life as we explore what’s possible together!


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