Leave No Trace


Cleanliness and garbage along the Camino are significant challenges.

Recently the American Pilgrims on the Camino group hosted a contest to raise awareness and get pilgrims engaged in being a part of the solution. I was one of 24 people who entered this contest. I did not win the contest and I understand why…but my entry may be of interest to you.

I’m marrying two of my interests…being kind to our earth and the love of walking the Camino. As I set out next month to walk from LePuy to Santiago, I will be honoring this pledge each day. I will be posting pictures on my social media pages to help raise awareness. If we all chip in together, we can have a big impact! I hope you will join me!

It’s My Camino.

I pledge daily to Leave 0, Pick up 3.

Keep it Clean!

A big round of applause to Kevin Metz and Terry Kristensen who won the contest with their entry below.

Camino Trash Contest winner


  1. Lori Ryder says:

    I love your slogan. This has been a “thing” of mine for years. In fact, on my birthday I ask people to please pick up 5 pieces of trash in honor of my day. People grpm all over the world have done this. If we all did the planet would be clean. Buen Camino.


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