My Camino 2013

Below are my blog entries as I prepared to walk and then debriefed about my Camino walk in June and July of 2013.  I also put links to my Facebook posts and photos that I did while I walked the Camino.  Note: You need to friend me on Facebook to view the Facebook posts.

My Camino Blog Entries:


1.  The Camino is Calling  5/16/13

2.  Preparation for My Camino – Physical & Mental  5/21/13

3.  Preparing for My Camino – What goes & what stays  5/27/13

4.  Preparing for My Camino – Spiritual part of the Journey  5/27/13

5.  Camino Debrief – What about all of that Stuff I brought?  8/2/13

6.  Trip of a Lifetime – Camino 2013 Video of my Photos put to Music

7.  Camino Debrief – The Initial Third Of The Walk  2/10/14

8.  Camino Debrief – The Middle Third  10/06/14

9.  Camino Debrief – The Final Third 07/14/15

Day by day Facebook posts of my Camino from St. Jean Pied-de-Port to Santiago (viewable by Facebook friends only)

Where 22 KM = about 14 Miles, all typos made while typing with 1 finger on iPhone and captions for each photo are in the comments.

Santiago to Finesterre – Day to Day Facebook Posts

Madrid – Day to Day Facebook Posts

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