Replacement Time?


New Aveda 95% recyclable paddle brush to replace the old blue brush

I’ve been known to say “I take good care of my shit” and by that I mean you often wouldn’t know how long I’ve owned something like my car that’s 11 years old, my shoes that walked 1,000 miles or my hairbrush.  You see I got my blue brush back in the 90’s to replace the one I bought as I was pregnant and cutting my hair (like I said I never would do).  Well, my daughter is now 36, so that tells me two hair brushes lasted me 36 years.

Some people might be embarrassed.  Does it mean I am unclean or living a substandard life?  I think not as I recall all of the tangles that brush teased out, all the blow dries it saw me through, all the parties, funerals and events it help get me ready for.

It’s become like a friend, being there when I needed, but alas, it is getting a bit long in the tooth and a bit harsh on my scalp as I untangle my hair.  Yes, time to retire this brush.  We will see how long the new one lasts.  Could this new brush be my last to buy?  Or will life gift me with high quality and many years in which to enjoy this new brush?  Because, as we know “I take good care of my shit.”


Are there things you’ve had for a long time?  Is that OK with you?  Are there things you wished lasted longer?  Leave your comments below.

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  1. Wow, a hairbrush as a momento mori. Well done 🙂


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