Raw Cleansing – Spa Day at Home

When doing a cleanse it is important to be gentle with yourself and by now you are nearing the completion of phase 2 of the cleanse. So now is a perfect time to talk about some ways to pamper yourself at home. Some folks might prefer to go out to your local spa and get the royal treatment.  I love that too! At times something a bit less pricey and more private is what makes sense for me.


Here’s a nice routine to pamper yourself at home on your next day off or at the end of a hard day:

  1. Make a cup or pot of tea to sip on during your treatments. This helps to relax and hydrate you. I like Yogi Skin Detox Tea, but any relaxing tea will do.IMG_4441
  2. If you wish, light a candle and put on some relaxing music to enhance the healing spa vibes.IMG_4450
  3. Put a mask on your face to help nourish or draw out impurities. One of my favorite masks is DHC’s Mineral Mask. Other options would be to buy French Clay in the bulk section at a co-op or natural store and mix together 1/2 tsp of the clay with 1/4 tsp of water, then apply to face and neck while avoiding the eyes. Clay will be more detoxifying and may also dry your skin. You can also cut up a ripe avocado and apply that as a mask to help nourish and moisturize your skin.  Leave the mask on for the duration of your bath.IMG_4457
  4. I like to then draw a bath and fill it up with very hot water and some Mustard Bath. This is by far my favorite bath addition as it makes my skin very soft and it feels like it gently draws out impurities. It is an ancient formula from India. Very nice!IMG_4444
  5. While the bath is filling I do some dry brushing always brushing towards the heart. This removes dead skin and it also encourages lymph flow which helps escort those toxins out! The coconut oil is for after the bath to moisturize.

    Coconut oil and dry brush

    Coconut oil and dry brush

  6. You may also wish to do a hair treatment using 1/2 tsp of coconut oil warmed by rubbing it in your hands. You can add 1-2 drops of essential oil that smell good to you. Rub the oil mixture into your hair and leave on for the duration of your treatments or even overnight. You will need to shampoo the oil out of your hair.IMG_4459 IMG_4458
  7. Shave with coconut oil for a smooth glide and to moisturize your legs and armpits. Guys, I don’t know if this works on beards, but if you do a close shave, feel free to try it. If you use an electric razor, wait until your bath is complete to shave.IMG_4456
  8. Once the water starts to cool or if you begin to feel like a prune, go ahead and get out into some fresh clean fluffy towels and a robe or comfy clothes.
  9. Now is a nice time to trim and file your nails. If time allows, go ahead and give yourself a pedicure and manicure.
  10. Exfoliate your face by cleansing it with coconut oil with a large pinch of baking soda. Rub this onto your face, avoiding the eyes, but going all around the face, forehead, neck, nose, and ears. Rinse off with warm water only and allow the remains of the oil to act as a moisturizer.IMG_4454
  11. Apply moisturizer or coconut oil to your body, paying special attention to elbows, legs, knees and areas that tend to dry. Today I am using the Booda Organics lip balm and butter that I got in our wonderful swag bag at Vida Vegan Con II because it smells so delicious! It also feels great on my skin…which is what pampering is all about!IMG_4460
  12. Now is a great time to read or meditate.

This process above takes about an hour.  Skipping one TV show would allow yourself time to do something that will be a sound investment in you!

I am reminded that my body is my temple.  What I put in my body effects it.  What I put on my body effects it.  Thoughts that I think and how I speak about myself affect my overall health and well-being.  So taking time to tune into your body and to pamper it is a wonderful way to slow down and honor your amazing body!  ~  Namaste

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