Raw Cleansing – Benefits & Timeframes

I originally got into cleansing with the goal of losing weight.  What happened was people started to notice how nice and clear my skin was.  Well that is not something I have ever had a compliment on and so it got my attention.  Other benefits also began to happen and to be honest, weight loss has taken a back seat to them now.


Benefits from raw cleansing:

  • Improved energy
  • Clear glowing skin
  • More mental clarity
  • Stronger intuition
  • More radiant presence
  • Feeling connected with life
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Being more in the flow with life
  • Less inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Improved hydration
  • Slowed aging
  • Reduced symptoms of disease

Berries at the Farmers Market

Who doesn’t want some of these in their life?  So, over time I have done raw cleanses and introduced more raw foods into my life thereby reaping the benefits above.  I usually aim to do a cleanse with the change of seasons.  I sometimes skip winter or try to push it closer to Fall as I find in colder weather it is more challenging for me to stick with a 100% raw diet.


So about now you might be thinking that you want to try a raw cleanse.  If this is your first cleanse, I usually suggest doing a 6 day cleanse.  The first 3-4 days are usually the hardest, so that’s why doing at least 6 days is recommended.  This will allow you to also enjoy the benefits of increased energy, clearer skin, a clearer mind and often just feeling more connected and alive!  After you have success with a 6 day cleanse, the next time you can do a cleanse for 2-3 weeks.  Each time you will learn more about your own body and how it handles a cleanse.  This will boost your confidence and ability to create a plan that works for you.


  1. Danny says:

    Although I have never done a cleanse, I have pretty much been on a cleansing type diet for the last 20 years.. All organic, mostly vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes.I gave up meat (except wild fish) about 9 years ago, about the same time I started my green smoothies.. I drink 1 qt. everyday, of raw greens and a little fruit.. The smoothies alone have made a remarkable difference in the way I feel. Wonderful for the immune system.. Haven’t even had a cold in 7 years..Although they took a little getting used to, my day is now incomplete without them…I applaud you Kathy for your efforts in healthy living, and hopefully through your example and your blog, you will bring many more into the fold…I don’t think anything has ever been said that is more true than, we are what we eat…. Food is the ultimate medicine..


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