Holistic Holiday at Sea – 2

I enjoyed that first Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise in 2010 so much, that I went again in 2011. Here are the highlights of the cruise. I realized I’m not really a “cruise person” unless there is a topic or theme that draws me in.

At the end of this cruise, they offered us a discount on a future cruise if we booked prior to getting off the ship. That’s when I thought, hummm, maybe next year I can go to India. Creation begins with an idea!

Our Captains
Our Ship
I feel secure!
Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet
John Smalley basketball player who’s vegan
Melissa Karpel from TV show 30 Days. She did an episode where a hunter went to live with a vegan family for a month. Great show!
Ruins in Cancun
My roommate in the middle and some friends we made on the ship.
Blurry, but a big turning point for me. People always ask vegans “where do you get your protein?” Well here is Robert Cheeke, a vegan body builder who has ample muscle mass on a vegan diet.
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