Small Steps


Cheers to remembering my metal straw today!

I created this cool “To Go Kit” that I’ve had in my car for four years. The kit consists of a metal to go box, a metal mug with a lid that allows for sipping, a cloth napkin, reusable utensils and a reusable straw all packaged in an easy carry lunch bag. But, one problem…it’s never with me when I need it!


My “To Go Kit” I keep in my car

Rather than give up, I went smaller. I thought about which items I use the most and got them in a size that would to fit into my 8 x 5 inch purse. A tiny bamboo spork that I got for just $3 from the Herbivore Clothing Company and a metal straw that came in a set of four (with a cleaning brush) for $7 from Food Front Grocery Cooperative.


My $3 Bamboo spork and $1.75 metal straw


My Klean Kanteen and Etsy purse

Today I am celebrating remembering to use my straw for the first time! I said “no straw please, I’ve got my own” when ordering a margarita. Good news is Por Que No has stopped offering plastic straws and instead they now use wood stir sticks or paper straws with their margaritas. But, my straw not only came in handy for me, it also was great for my grandchild who got a paper straw that she kept biting until it would no longer work. So, I let Edie borrow my metal straw.

Going more eco-friendly is about taking these baby steps. Trying something new and working to make it a habit. Or adjusting when the idea doesn’t work after several tries! So today I celebrate remembering my metal straw for the first time. May it be one of many! Can’t wait to use the spork too!

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  1. holly hansen says:

    cool, always nice to hear from u.i have a plastic spoon in my backpack always and i just reuse it, wash it.

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