In a world that sometimes feels like it’s spinning, I took the time to teach my granddaughter a most important word.

Leisurely definition

Ava was only three at the time, but she was focused on her own needs and wants. She has always been great with her language skills, as evidenced by her not only saying “sea anemone” at the age of 18 months, but knowing exactly what it meant!

So, I decided to have a play date that included a trip to the library followed by a visit to a local French bakery, St. Honore`. This meant starting the trip by introducing the word. I began with a question, “do you know what leisurely means?” She thought for a moment and then said “no” which even seemed to surprise her.

I explained it means taking our time, not rushing, allowing grandma to enjoy her coffee at a slow pace. She was eager to master this new word. Ava picked out her favorite macaroon, the purple one. She likes it served on an espresso plate which is just her size. We share a croissant as she eats out the fluffy inside that she likes best and I help eat the crusty outside. She is eager to get to the library as I remind her today we are going to do this “leisurely” and I enjoy another sip of coffee.


And, by the end of our outing, she understood the word. At our next trip out together I just asked “now, how are we going to do this Ava?” “Leisurely” she’d reply.

It’s a word I think we all could use a reminder of. What might you enjoy doing leisurely this week?

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