Thank you 2017


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I just found this blog post tucked in my drafts, so publishing it now!

Each year has a feel of its own. 2017 was a tough year for me with my walk interrupted by a fall, with some old patterns no longer working and just feeling a big off. Yet there is so much to be grateful for! We can choose to focus on what didn’t work, what we didn’t do or we can focus on what we did do, what we are grateful for. So here goes!


Here are some of the highlights I captured in my Miracles & Gratitude Jar: 

  • An amazing Bon Voyage & 60th Birthday Party!
  • The beauty and specialness of the French countryside as seen by walking 200 miles!
  • My love and special times with family – Ava’s sleep overs, Edie’s laugh, fun times with Myra & family and a great visit with my Mom at Thanksgiving.
  • Ava sharing what “collaboration” means at age 3 and saying it better than most CEOs would!
  • Karma, my kitty’s good health
  • Awesome new lessons via books and classes – Body Thrive, Buddha’s Diet, One Bowl, Love Warrior, Arthritis Summit and The Art of Love Series.
  • Speaking gigs without asking – Fix-It FairsSpiritual Women Entrepreneur’s group, Food Front Grocery Cooperative, and Sacred Money Studios.
  • Ongoing friendships as I realize we all grow and change and not all friendships carry forward, so super grateful for those that do – Penny my bestie, Katharoo my walking and goal partner, Kimberly who is wise and kind, Ana & Chris who supported me upon my return home, Terry, Marc & Mimi who were past Airbnb guests that remain friends.
  • New friends – Karen, Lisa, Gigi, Steve, Amber and Sally.
  • The support of my communities – The Portlandia Pilgrims, Portland Airbnb Hosts,
  • Some fun firsts! – Float tank, Cirque du Soleil, Portland Cello Project.
  • Going to my natural hair color and loving it!
  • Human angel’s – Penny, 2 men in Carjac who called the paramedics, Piere at Chemin de Anges Gite (Path of Angels Hostel), Figeac Hotel Clerk who let me use her phone to call the US to coordinate my early return, Ghislaine (& Dennis), having a
    few hours with Myra and the girls before they left for Hawaii, Chris & Ana, Linda & Keith making dinner and bringing beer as I recovered,
  • My CSA and Imperfect Produce providing yummy healthy organic fruits and veggies.
  • I am also grateful for my health and fast healing – Thumb not damaged, Quick and complete recovery, nutritional support with Kirsten – doing a two-month elimination diet together and her ongoing support with healthy eating and weight loss.

I highly encourage you to jot down the good things that come into your life. You can put them in a jar as I have, or write them in a journal or on your calendar. By noticing what’s good in our lives, we get more good to be grateful for!



  1. Mary Lu Taylor says:

    So loved what you shared! Took notes to follow up with books, groups & resources. So appreciate you! MaryLu Taylor Tigard, OR

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  2. Steve Lakey says:

    I’m glad you found this, it makes a great read. I have started using a journal app, which means I can access it on the go. I’ve got no excuses to not use it!


  3. holly hansen says:

    always glad to hear from u. u do amazing wishes to you in 2018. much continued success. i am working hard to my storage unit emptied out by april 30. then itll be on to a suitcase of photos that didnt make the cut for all the albums i made for my daughter. am working hard on not creating more clutter piles. i did realize that my clothes abundance and overage wasnt all my doing…i got shipped a huge huge box of clothes of my by my sister. lots i can use so was grateful, but a studio apt can only hold so much. am so glad i did the big purge w u. now i am going thru journals i kept from the year of my brain surgery and on. very interesting reading…especially about one of my last relationships…am now just friends w the guy. as i try to launch a new love life its helpful to do a review of past issues…am resolved to do better this time. will read journals , learn and purge. 🙂 the purge habits started in your group are persisting i am happy to say. a permanent change made.


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