My Gratitude & Miracles Jar in 2014

This is the second year that I have used a gratitude jar.   I raise the bar and include gratitude and miracles.  You see, in 2013, my word for the year was “Experiencing Miracles” so having a jar of those captured miracles, such as my new grand-daughter being conceived, just made sense!

I originally thought that 2014 was a “so so” kind of year, as I was comparing it to 2013, the year I walked 500 miles, fell in love and lost 20 pounds.  But, my jar and taking some time to reflect upon 2014 along with its challenges and successes, made me see that a lot of great things happened.


Here are some of the miracles & gratitude I had the pleasure to experience in 2014:

  • Within budget by $200 for 2013 at 50-65% less income, post retirement.
  • Figure out new way to arrange living room that totally opens up the space and makes me fall in love with my home and want to share it more.
  • Ava & Myra visit me at my place for the 2nd time ever on 1/28/14.  It was a fun day with hippy bowls and play!
  • I discover and take on Project 333.
  • Snow storm shifts focus for many in PDX 2/8/14 to 2/11/14.
  • Loving my Tech-free Tuesdays!  Read the Happiness Project & went to People’s Co-op.
  • Ava’s first swim lessons.  She’s great in the water!
  • Knowing what it feels like to be adored!  Thank you Ron!
  • Get to write a piece for Swell Magazine.
  • Get to start the Portland Minimalists group with the support of The Minimalists.  
  • California trip with Myra, Ryan and Ava.  Multiple family reunions.
  • Trip to Utah with Vanora.  So nice to be in nature and see so much beauty!
  • Get to meet Courtney Carver!  She’s one of my favorite simplicity bloggers, an author, and the c0-creator of A Simple Year course.
  • Wallowa Lake trip with kids and Kilkenny’s.
  • WordPress Photography 101 course was lots of fun, even if I lost momentum.
  • Get to help plan the Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition Conference and be a part of the NW Veg board.
  • Ran into Tara (friend from Australia) on the Golden Gate Bridge.  What are the odds of that?
  • Airbnb as a new venture!  Great guests and wonderful conversations and adventures.  Nearly paying mortgage via money from guests.
  • A “tax snafu” ends up being 6% of what it was originally projected.  Thank goodness and thank you Lenna!
  • Get to attend Airbnb Open event in San Francisco and it was happening just a few days prior to a trip already planned to SF!
  • Plywerk photos look great and make my guest room and bathroom feel complete!
  • Photography gig at the Vegan Iron Chef Ultimate Mac & Cheese Showcase.
  • Healthy insurance in 2015 thanks to Obamacare after 2 years without any health insurance.
  • Get to see many of my India 2012 trip friends in San Francisco and also in Portland this last year.
  • Working with Jacqueline Nichols on my business and relationships.  Having a great coach only makes you stronger!
  • I resumed dating and having more activity on Plenty of Fish than expected.
  • I made it through another year without needing a “traditional job.”
  • I filled only 1 can of trash for all of 2014.
  • A Simple Year course provided lots of learning about simplicity throughout the year.  It helped me move my living room around, I got rid of lots of stuff I wasn’t using and was able to donate most of it to help others.  I began to see ways to simplify meals, travel and got to meet lots of neat people with similar interests.


I am grateful for a rich 3rd Chapter unfolding and the support of dear friends and family.  I also value learning and exploring new things.  Here’s to 2015, may it have it’s share of miracles and things to be grateful for!  You get more of what you focus on, so you may wish to start your own gratitude jar!  It’s easy and it’s free, so why not?

If you have a gratitude jar, tell us how you use it in the comments below, and share some of your big things to be thankful for in 2014.

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  1. Terrie Courian says:

    How inspiring 🙂 I do not have a gratitude jar however; I do say them a lot. I may want to do this too through out 2015. Thank you.


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