Sabbatical Pull

I had urges to be on sabbatical about a year and a half ago. At that time, it didn’t make sense to me, as my life was already pretty simple. With an injury while walking in France last June and my mother’s death last month, I’ve decided to listen to that pull!

What does sabbatical mean to me? It’s a time to go inside. To listen. To release the past and be fully present. It’s a time to shed responsibilities that no longer serve me. To free up my schedule for reflection and contemplation. To read, write, walk…take time to prepare a meal. To have a calendar with meaningful, enriching activities, but not too many. It’s taking time to invest in my relationships and connecting with friends and family.

So how does that look? 

I’m decluttering my declutter group. I did not see that coming! After six years of doing an annual declutter I’m declaring I am done decluttering. I will continue my habits of rarely shopping or bringing items in my home, donating to Buy Nothing and passing a book I’ve read onto a friend. But, if you see my closet and my home, its peaceful and pleasant and there is no excess right now!

I’m consolidating my newsletter into my blog. I know experts recommend entrepreneurs be sure to get those email addresses and offer a newsletter, but I always got confused as to which voice goes into the newsletter or blog and I’m willing to be pretty open and honest in my blog. So that’s the place to follow me, if you wish.

I’ll be taking another break from Facebook and putting more energy into my face–to–face relationships.

I’ll continue with walking 80-100 miles a month, eating whole foods, doing seasonal raw cleanses and nourishing my body.

I’ve stopped networking for now, as I feel like what I was doing in my business had it’s day…which has passed and I don’t know what’s next, so that is a pretty insecure place to network from. The great groups of amazing people will be there when my next thing presents and I will happily join back with what makes sense at that time.

But for now, it’s go inside.


Enjoy my life.

Edit out items and events that don’t fit my present place and state of being.

Fully embrace the pull of my own sabbatical!



  1. Ann Griffin says:

    So sorry to hear about the passing of your Mom! Hugs, Ann

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  2. Kate Peterson says:

    Good on you Kathy for tuning inwards and allowing your sabbatical to continue, one way or another. An expression I find myself using surprisingly often (and which you are clearly honouring) is ‘The soul keeps knocking till you answer the door’. Go well…


  3. Susan Stormont says:

    Kathy, I wish you contentment always, and the calmness of simplicity.
    Declutter and Simplify Your Life has guided me how to create that in my own life.
    Thank you.


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