Wisdom Shared at World Domination Summit 2015



Oops! I just found a blog draft from 2015. I’m going to publish it now so as to share some of the amazing gems I learned at that World Domination Summit . For anyone not familiar with WDS, it’s a conference held in Portland for entrepreneurs and people who think outside the box. They are all about Community, Service and Adventure!

Some of the key pearls of wisdom I walked away with are:

Jen & Jadah from Simple Green SmoothiesFuel Your Passion – Choose people & passion first, social media is a good place for introverts to build their community, we all start at zero, give value up front, think of it as social media is the dance floor (where you show your moves), blog is like your home (a bit more intimate) and email is like the bedroom (more intimate), make your free offer better than someone’s paid offer, nurture your tribe, be real human (people don’t want perfection), get inspired by your brand crush, test ideas (don’t judge them). And this list could just go on and on, but come on, you really can’t have the blow-by-blow explanation of foreplay be the same as being there! Everyone who I told how much I love Jen & Jadah, said I must listen to Jadah’s speech from 2014.

Jonathan FieldsThe Art of Becoming Known – This talk was also chock full of wisdom nuggets. He shared 11 catalysts for becoming known, but the most important one is step eleven, which is to blow people’s minds. Give what’s not expected and wow people. Know who you serve (too broad and you lose them), what’s different that you offer, and what your medium is. “Get out of your head and into the world.”


Jonathan Fields at 2015 WDS

Jon Acuff – We often give up our voice due to saying we have no time, wanting others to like us or fear. Do what you must to get that voice back!

Jeremy Cowart – He did a “slow release” versus one big blog. He shared a photo each day or week over a long time to build media buzz.

Asha Dornfest – Taught us that baby steps are how we reinvent ourselves. Small consistent steps are the surest way forward. Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you. If you experience resistance, go smaller.

“Self confidence grows every time you keep a promise to yourself.” ~ Asha Dornfest

Vani Hari – The more popular you are and the more you push the envelope, the more haters are going to hate you. Don’t let them distract you.


Lewis Howes – Encouraged us to take off the mask and drop the shield. To get real and be vulnerable as a way of reaching others like us.

Kid President – 1. Be nice, treat everyone like it’s their birthday. 2. You matter, your voice matters. 3. Sharing is good, share your magic. 4. Invite everyone to the party (they started a corndog revolution and Socktober). “There’s always a reason to complain and there’s always a reason to dance. Choose to dance!” “When I’m an adult, I’m going to try to be a kid, like this guy.” <- pointing to his uncle.


Lissa Rankin – “How old were you when you felt that gentle calling?” It’s important not to squelch that, but to uncover it and nurture it. She’s writing “Anatomy of a Calling”

Derek Sivers – He created many potential businesses, but many flopped. He saw a need for sharing music in the early 90’s and created CD Baby which he later sold for $22 million dollars, then gave that money away. Why are you doing what you do? Is it fame, fortune, freedom, legacy that inspires you? Commit to the problem, not the solution. Allow the solution to evolve. “If people aren’t loving what you’re doing, stop.” Don’t persist and push. A great idea x amazing execution. He went that extra mile in a quirky way by asking “is there anything special you’d like with your order?” and then fulfilling that. One guy asked for gum and then went to make a YouTube raving about how he got his gum. When people wanted to change their playlists, he’d say “sure, just buy us a pizza” and give them steps to do that. It was extra work, but he made it fun and memorable. “Be so remarkable, people tell their friends.”

Rachel from Google – Took a conscious pause of three months off to regroup and reframe her goals and job.


I think I will now go watch the 2017 speakers on Chris Guillebeau’s Vimeo channel! So much inspiration and goodness only knows we really can use that about now with the fires, hurricanes and political craziness happening in our world! 

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