Simple Backpack Tips

Backpack and shoes are a hikers greatest allies. Here are a few tips to traveling light, but in style!

  1. Carry your backpack on the plane during your trip to your destination. This ensures no lost luggage. Check your backpack when coming home by simply wrapping the straps backwards and tightening them. Be sure to remove any loose items and to also tuck in any straps.

    Back of backpack prepared for airport check-in


    Front of backpack prepared for airport check-in

  2. Use your backpack pockets and leave the stuff sacks home for your sleep sack. No need to try to stuff your bag into the tiny bag it comes in, just use the bottom backpack pocket for all sleep items. This makes it easy to find what you want and pack up quickly. No digging to find where it is in the backpack. No daily stuffing of that sleep sack into the bag it barely fits in! This same concept can be applied to other items as well by having a dedicated pocket for specific items and forgoing the stuff sack it may have come in.
  3. Bring a 1.125 ounce S-hook for hanging your backpack to almost any bunk. This keeps your bag off the floor and within easy reach. It’s actually a simple shower curtain hook I got off Amazon. I put it in the side belt pocket for easy access when arriving at my gite or albergue. It was one of my favorite items on my recent Camino!

S-hook allows me to hang my backpack vs sit it on the floor


Close-up of S-hook

I hope these tips make your next adventure go more smoothly. Please share any other ideas you have for best use of your backpack in the comments below! 

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