My Best Year Unveils 2017


Could I have a drumroll please! Want to have an amazing year…but not sure how to keep that intention alive for 365 days? My Best Year is an online program for women of all ages. We take a topic each month to explore what matters most to you, to clarify your values, while setting goals and action plans with your own program partner. It’s our way of making it a year to remember via the balance of both vision and structure.

This year we will be using the Rituals for Living Dreambook & Planner and the book How to Live a Good Life as tools in creating the year together. We will kick off the year with Briana and Peter Borten, from the Dragontree, sharing their tips for identifying values and creating a life around them. We’ve also got The Senior Nomads, Michael and Debbie Campbell, who will be sharing how they’ve been “Open to Adventure” selling their home and taking off to travel for more than three years. We will explore inner beauty with Elka Eastly…and so much more!


It’s a great chance to explore how you’re doing in each of our themes, while creating goals to ensure you’re creating a life well lived. We also have the My Best Year community for sharing the journey together with participants from all over the globe.

It’s all about creating a life that is Simple, Intentional & Soulful

Themes for 2017 include:

  • January – Living Your Intentions & Values – Briana & Peter Borten
  • February – Simple Up Your Life – Kathy Peterman
  • March – Filling Your Vitality Bucket – Kimberly Ficklin
  • April – The Magic of White Space – Erin Somerville
  • May – Mind Matters – Julee Hunt
  • June – Nourishing Your Soul – Marihet Hammann
  • July – Open to Adventure – The Senior Nomads, Michael & Debbie Campbell
  • August – Awakening Your Inner Beauty – Elka Eastly
  • September – A Life Well Lived –
  • October – Connection –
  • November – Allowing Your Cup to Overflow –
  • December – Young at Heart at Any Age –


Now all you have to do is:

  1. Become a member of My Best Year. It’s just $25 a month, with the first month FREE. You can join at anytime of the year.
  2. Join our My Best Year Facebook Group.
  3. Sign up for My Best Year emails.


For a more detailed description, visit here.

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Kathy Peterman

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