What’s The Common Thread?

Last year I had the good fortune to run into Lori Rochino at the World Domination Summit. You could feel the hum in the room, as multiple creative entrepreneurs came together to get inspired. Lori and I share a love of simplicity and helping others in creating a life that they love. She now has her own podcast show,  Simply Designed Life Podcast Series, which I’ve been enjoying. Imagine my excitement when she asked me to be a guest!

Join us for this 17 minute podcast about retirement, the Camino, and Airbnb…then see if you can guess what the common thread in these topics is. It’s episode # 8.

You will find Lori’s website here. Check it out! Lori will be sharing her tips for Finding Your Voice on a FREE webinar I’m hosting on Thursday, July 14th, at 10:30 AM PST. Join us for this important discussion where you can ask questions and find your own unique ways to express you.

Remember to keep finding ways to keep it simple. It’s okay to edit your life and make it work for you!


Not the best photo, but me and Lori at the opening party for WDS 2015


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