Sacred Money Studios Opens!

Today I had the distinct pleasure of getting to meet Luna Jaffe and Tiffany Darst as they celebrate Sacred Money Studios now being open for ten days. I went to a free introductory session to find out what they are all about and here are “some” of the highlights.

  • They are offering free sessions as an overview of their services and an invitation to become a member. For updates on current offerings, see their Facebook page.
  • The first 100 members can join for $49 a month which includes unlimited support with creating your own personalized budget in alignment with your core values using the You Need A Budget (YNAB) software, exploration of your emotional relationship with money and support with ceremony around your money and life values. Membership also includes discounted prices for pie, additional courses and items sold in their store. Regular prices are $99 a month.
  • They sell pie, coffee, tea and some beautiful hand crafted items and books. I had the strawberry rhubarb pie as my way of getting a fruit and veggie in for breakfast and I must say, it was very tasty!


  • We did a neat “Self-Assessment” to see where our money strengths and weaknesses lie, so we now know how we are in regards to giving, receiving, protecting, growing, nurturing and spending our money. I love how the assessment is color coded and ties in with Luna’s Wild Money book.
  • One of their goals is to be a place that people want to hangout in within the Multnomah Village area. They can see this business model expanding to other locations as well…hence the plural “studios” in their name.
  • The owners are four women who happen to have sons and each of those sons (ages 10, 13, 15 and 17) is working within the shop as their own way to learn about business and money first-hand.


  • Fun things like local musicians are happening tonight at 7 PM and in the future.
  • It’s like a yoga studio for your money where you get to practice and gain skills as you go.
  • They started our class by having us each draw a card. We then introduced ourselves and our card, thus showing how ceremony can enrich our everyday lives. We had a neat group of eclectic people who attended, from those who have financial background to those who know nothing about budgeting, investing or finances at all, and it’s all good…in that there is something to be offered, no matter where you are on that continuum.


  • They will be offering a “Kids & Money” program for kids ages 8 and up to help teach money concepts we don’t share in our schools.
  • Luna hopes to host “Moth-like” circles where people can share their stories complete with humor, wisdom, and the bond that unites us when we stop being quiet about a topic that so greatly impacts our lives.
  • They also will be offering a year long “Money Language Institute” program for those who wish to become coaches assisting others with YNAB, Wild Money Courses and group and individual coaching / education.
  • Business hours are: 11 AM to 10 PM each day and open until 11 PM on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Go check it out! You’ll be glad you did.
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