What to do with Glasses You Don’t Need

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With all my decluttering I came across two pair of glasses that I am not wearing. Let me back up briefly. I originally got my first pair of glasses when I was two years old. So you might guess, my vision is pretty bad. And nothing is worse than fearing I might not be able to see. What’s interesting is that, with correction of glasses or contact lenses, my vision is GREAT! I am used to seeing well. I’m very visual and respond to beauty and my environment more than the average person. In essence, I am a highly visual person! So, having such a strong sense of the visual world, while having such poor vision, had added some fear to my life. Hence, I was saving two pair of glasses I no longer wear and who’s prescription is really not current “just in case.”



I’m learning I don’t have to save things I don’t use. That “just in case” is very rare and not something I really need to put energy into.

Thanks to my friend, Penny, I learned of a great place to donate used glasses and hearing aids. I dropped off my two pair of glasses to the Lion’s Club Sight and Hearing Recycling Center today. They send the glasses to a correctional facility that cleans and calibrates them, then they are used to help others in need. How cool is that? To have things I’m not using be of help to others!

If you are in Oregon, you can find a donation spot here.

For those in other parts of the United States and the world, check here.

If you’ve got glasses or hearing aids, you are not using, consider donating today!



  1. Juhli says:

    The donation center near me in Atlanta also took hearing aid batteries which can be expensive. After my Dad died we had several hearing aids and lots of batteries to donate along with several pairs of glasses.


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