The Season to Believe


If there ever was a season to believe, I think it is now. Winter is a great time to pause, light a fire (or candle) and reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. And in this reflection, our beliefs will show up. Beliefs are funny things, just when you think you have none, they rear their heads…kind of like culture. Culture is invisible until you visit another culture and see how they handle money, relationships, food, etc. Beliefs are like that too, invisible until you begin to explore them.

So what are some of your key beliefs?

Your life will reveal your beliefs via these simple questions:

  1. Is money good or bad, and do you deserve to have a comfortable life?
  2. Do others have your back or are relationships about competition?
  3. Is there a force inside or outside you, that guides you and has your best interest at heart?


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