One-Week Declutter Kickstart

It’s time for our annual Declutter!

Yay! The One-Week Declutter Kickstart is now open for anyone who wishes to join us. It’s a FREE 7-day program that gives you an easy 15-30-minute assignment each day. I guide you, versus just reading a book and being left to your own devices. We make it fun and motivating by having a large group doing it together and posting to a private Facebook page.

Click here, then look for the  “Join Now” button inside the link.

You can join at any time and from anywhere on the globe.

Don’t keep this a secret, share it with your friends!


  1. Peg Evans says:

    Cat! There IS no black buttoncmarked ‘join now’ on my version of your post 😦 Help! Peg


    • Did you open the link near the top of the blog titled “One-Week Declutter Kickstart?” It’s in there. I’ll add it to the big and make it easier. Thanks for your feedback Peg!!! Good to hear from you.


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