Monday Minimalist Tip

At first I resisted this tip, but in time I found a few places to implement it. You see, while I like structure, I don’t really fancy a lot of rules or counting. Once you declutter a few times, you soon realize you will be doing decluttering FOREVER, unless you change what comes into your home. So one easy way to do that is to apply the “One In, One Out” rule where for every new item, you must get rid of one old item. I started by dipping my toe into the water in areas where I had the tendency to collect things…specifically vegan cookbooks, clothes and beauty items.

Now if I want a new cookbook, I must decide which cookbook I will let go of. If I want new beauty products, I have to decide which ones I will release to make room for the new. It has put a whole new slant on those incoming items. For example, I’d love to get Miyoko Schinner’s new book, The Homemade Vegan Pantry. But, I have to select which of these to let go of. And while some people may say “you can never have too much of a good thing,” truth be told, once I exceed the amount in this cupboard, I’m not able to use more…even with cookbooks!


My vegan cookbook collection

With beauty products I started off with WAY TOO MUCH! Over time this has gotten to be less and less, but I still am open to simplifying a bit more…so the “One In, One Out” rule remains in place.


My eye shadows I got rid of in the original declutter. You’d think I was a makeup artist!

With clothes it was easier, I did the “One In One Out” rule there…but after doing three rounds Project 333 and taking the time to do four distinct clothes declutter rounds over the past three years, I’ve released about two-thirds of what I owned. So, now if I find an item that fits, looks good and I can see being worn for several events, it’s OK to purchase it. So I ditched the rule in this area for now.

So the “One In, One Out” rule has been helpful to me in very specific areas where I tended to over consume. I’m glad a simple rule can help me be more conscious when making purchases. It’s an easy one to implement and it certainly does cause one to be more mindful!

Where in your life have you or might you apply the “One In, One Out” rule? Please comment below. 


  1. hippyish says:

    Probably the BEST tip ever. I recently did the one in, one out with some new fall boots I just purchased. 2 new pairs in….and 2 old pairs out 🙂 Works like a charm!


  2. lifevalueis says:

    I think it’s a rule to follow once you have reached the desired amount of things you own in a certain category. Right now my rule is “nothing in, as much as possible out” 🙂


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