Would You Like a Hanky?

Todays tip is simple, consider using a cloth handkerchief instead of using disposable tissues. You might not think this makes much of a difference, but in taking photos of my trash as compared to guest trash, one thing that constantly stands out is how much less volume I have because I don’t use disposable tissues.


Here is the trash generated at my house this month. Left is mine, right is guests.

A box of recycled facial tissues is $2.99 and usually my guests go through about a box a month equaling $35 a year. I’ve found for my purse that I prefer to use a kids size hanky that I bought in Spain while walking the Camino, or you can find men’s cloth handkerchiefs on Amazon.  A pack of 9 men’s handkerchiefs is $12.99 and will last for more than five years. In five years you would spend $179 on disposable facial tissues at one box a month. That’s a savings of $166. Those little purchases do add up over time!

Disposable tissues can be composted, but I prefer not to compost tissues from guests who may be sick.

Another advantage is cloth is so much softer and I don’t get a red rash like I can sometimes with tissues when I am sick.  A cotton handkerchief can also be composted once it’s life is over, but just think of all those trees, the labor in manufacturing and packaging and shipping and landfill space you are saving with this one little change.

Is this a change you would consider? If not, why not? If yes, why? Please post below. Thanks!


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