Friday Favorites

This week has been focused on my shoulder as pain and decreased range of motion crescendoed indicating it was a problem not going away on its own. It appears I have a frozen right shoulder or inflamed tendons in my shoulder. Good news is I was seen by physical therapy within 2 days of emailing my physician and I also tried acupuncture for the first time and got some relief. This is a problem that may take some time to heal, so patience, consistently doing my physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and healing sessions are my new focus.

Meanwhile it has been a good week with beautiful weather, connecting with friends from near and far, getting my 20 miles a week of walking in and seeing my daughter and granddaughter.

Some of this weeks Favorites are:

  • The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine which offers a 70 minute treatment for just $25. The appointment is with an intern who is closely supervised by her or his mentor. I was amazed by the improvement one session brought and I’ve booked 2 more appointments to continue to support my health and well-being.
  • My friend Kacey Birch is sharing some fun leadership hacks on her Facebook page. They are some simple, motivating tips you take and apply the same day. She offers a fresh perspective that can hone our leadership skills.
  • Favorite fun new vegan item is Kale Donuts available for order via Esty. The store and recipe are Esther Oakley’s own brainchild. I met her at the first Vida Vegan Con and also got to see her at the World Domination Summit. It’s a fun unique gift for that someone special or yourself!
  • I have to admit, I am a student of life and I love learning new things! Hands on is great, but when that option isn’t possible, I’m loving all the new online courses. This list has a lot worth considering, but I’d add Craftsy  to it. See a more expanded list via the link at the bottom of the post.

And I’d like to give a big shout out for all of my amazing friends. Having people to share this journey with makes all the difference in the world and I feel blessed to have so many supportive friends, old and new. Life is good!

Friendship Quote

How do you find inspiration in your day? What might you add to my list of favorites? Please share your answers in the comments below.

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  1. Florida Life Minimalist says:

    I find my inspiration on a daily basis through reading blogs and looking through Pinterest. I am an artist so it’s easy for me to get inspired, I just have to keep it in check or I will have a ton of projects going at one time! Beautiful flowers you have there 🙂


    • Thanks for the compliments on the flowers, I picked them on a walk yesterday. They are simple, but beautiful. And yes, one must be cautious not to “over create.” I too struggle with that.

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