Final Days of Summer – Raw Challenge!

Summer is almost over and this is an ideal time to do a final Raw Cleanse for 2015! All the farmers’ markets  have abundant fresh fruits and veggies and the weather is amazing! I’m hoping to inspire you to fall in love with fruits and vegetables PLUS invite you to consider taking 7 days (or more) of your life to dedicate for your health and healing.

Three years ago I discovered the power of raw foods and the magic of taking a specific period of time to go off of all processed foods, alcohol and sugar. I call it Raw Cleansing, but it’s very different from the image most people think of when I say “raw” or “cleansing”.

The great part about this cleanse is it’s not about limitation. Instead, it’s about super charging your nutrition with fresh, alive fruits and vegetables as a way to allow your body to heal from the inside out. Over the years  I’ve been witness to dramatic changes in my own body and from many participants in my multiple group cleanses.

Benefits often include:

  • A healthy glow
  • Clearer skin
  • More mental clarity
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Enhanced creativity and intuition
  • Feeling more grounded and alive in your body

Now, get the support you need for your specific goals:

  • Select the level of INTENSITY of one juice a day, two raw meals of juice, smoothie or salad per day, or do 100% Raw Cleanse.
  • Then pick your DURATION of 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Mix and match for your lifestyle! Do a daily juice for 1-3 weeks or do a Raw Cleanse for 1-2 weeks, etc.

Raw Challenge Decision Tree

If you are new to Raw Cleansing, I recommend starting with a 7-day cleanse. For those who’ve done a cleanse or something similar before, you easily can experience 2-4 weeks. One of the best things I have to offer you is a plan that starts simple and progresses to more advanced menus. This provides you with something new to look forward to and makes it more exciting, while being practical. I also offer you my expertise as a registered nurse who understands how the body functions.

We start with juices, then advance to smoothies and salads and then even get a little gourmet with some raw tacos, raw pasta with pesto and fun desserts. Our Raw Cleanse is 100% plant-based, vegan and it’s gluten-free. Through the multiple Raw Cleanse groups that I have led, I became inspired to create an e-book to help guide you step by step through the process.

Raw Cleansing Cover

My Raw Cleansing PDF e-book consists of:

  • 160-pages of information and inspiration
  • 60+ custom cleanse recipes
  • Specific shopping lists
  • 90 beautiful photos
  • 200+ links to recipes, information and resources
  • 12 videos on food preparation
  • Multiple helpful hints and powerful tips to keep you successful
  • Now only $4.99 (was $15)

In addition I provide online support via my private Facebook group filed with incredible people.  In that group we each get to know one another, we have daily postings and individuals can talk about their successes and challenges. My favorite part  is how everyone works together to keep our group engaged and continuing on their own Raw Cleanse for best results. I find that the power of the group and doing this together makes all the difference in the world!

Raw Cleansing Image A

The Raw Cleanse private Facebook support group adds:

  • Daily postings of recipes and motivational tips
  • The support of others with shared interests
  • Being accountable as a way to stay committed to your cleanse
  • A place to ask questions any time of day
  • Deeper learning about cleansing
  • Support with any challenges you face
  • Periodic personalized videos from Kathy to the group
  • All of the above really enhances your cleanse success
  • Now only $9.99 (was $55)


NEW for the Portland, Oregon area:

I am now partnering with Portland Juice Co. to offer their Standard Cleanse Juice Package or their DIY Detox at 15% off for those who prefer not to make their own juices. I’ve created a special 15-page PDF guide just for this Summer Cleanse which provides cleansing tips, hints, menu plans, recipes and shopping lists for a 7-day cleanse using the juices you buy from Portland Juice Co. Everyone who joins our Facebook Support Group will get their FREE copy of the guide.

We invite you to join us and see what all the excitement is about. Get ready…

Raw Challenge Sept. 5th

Enjoy multiple ways to cleanse!  Which works best for your goals?

All prices now reduced!

  • The Online Facebook Support Group is now only $9.99 (regularly $55) and it comes with a free $3.75 Portland Juice Co. Guide.
  • The 164 page “Raw Cleansing as a Pathway to Health” E-book PDF is now only $4.99 (regularly $15).
  • The Time with Kathy option is for anyone wanting one on one support with adjusting meal plans, dealing with specific health issues, shopping, etc. This gives you 30 minutes with Kathy Peterman, RN, to individualize your program and offer extra support for $40.
  • The 15 page Portland Juice Co. Guide is FREE (regularly $3.75). Get this if you are in the Portland, Oregon area and want to buy juice from Portland Juice Co. along with other raw foods as your cleanse. Portland Juice Co. is also offering my support group clients a 15% discount which I will mail to you after you join our support group.

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Click here to purchase

Your Raw Cleanse can be done anytime within the September 5th to 25th timeframe.  

When you purchase “Raw Cleansing as a Pathway to Health” or the “Portland Juice Co. Summer Solstice Cleanse Guide”, you will receive instructions for downloading a PDF that you can view on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  You can print it out if you prefer, but it is beautiful and easy to navigate as an electronic book.

For those who purchase the private Facebook support group, please request to join our Final Days of Summer – Raw Challenge so I can easily add you to our amazing group.

You don’t have to be raw or vegan, or interested in going raw or vegan, to use and enjoy this book and our Raw Cleanse.


Ayla Lewis and Jeanette Genson, who did our Spring 2015 Cleanse and our Summer Solstice 2015 Cleanse

 Testimonials and feedback from past Cleansers:

  • First time cleanser – “I feel I have more energy. I am sleeping better. I just feel better overall. The support group is wonderful and I knew if I had any questions, I could find the answers here or with Kathy. It is a wonderful community.” ~ Sharon, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
  • New cleanser – “I love the support group!” ~ Jeanette, Portland, OR
  • Repeat cleanser – “My health problems are such that I didn’t really expect to notice a huge change after a 6-day raw cleanse. However, I do think that I did some good for my body by doing the cleanse, so I’m glad I did it.” ~ Debbie, San Diego, CA
  • New cleanser with health issues – “I had a reduction in my body measurements (at least 1cm off everywhere I had measured), clearer and tighter skin on my face, lessening of pain in fingers and feet.” ~ Kate, Cambridge, New Zealand
  • New cleanser – “I felt more energy and a better connection to my body.”       ~ Ayla, Portland, OR
  • First time cleanser – “I just feel a bit lighter and notice that I want to dress better and take more pride in my appearance. My confidence level is up a notch!” ~ Kathy, Vancouver, WA
  • “Anytime I asked a question it was answered.” ~ Multiple cleansers

Version 2

  • 80% noticed positive changes in their body
  • Many developed healthy habits they plan to sustain between cleanses, such as daily juicing, less processed foods, more fruits and vegetables in their day to day diet, starting the day with lemon water, etc.
  • 90% said the support of the Facebook group was excellent
  • 100% of our Spring 2015 cleansers, said they’d do a cleanse again
  • Here is a 9 minute interview of 2 people who did the Spring 2015 Raw Cleanse.

 For a sneak preview of the e-book, see our sample pages below:

Raw Cleansing TOC B

Raw Cleansing TOC 2B

Raw Cleansing TOC 3B

Raw Cleansing TOC 4B

Raw Cleansing Benefits A

Raw Cleansing V10 A

Raw Cleansing Chocolate Smoothie Recipe A

Raw Cleansing Magic of Kale A

Raw Cleansing Beautiful B Salad A

Raw Cleansing Spinach Orange Salad Recipe A

Raw Cleansing Index 1 A

Raw Cleansing Index 2 A

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