Friday Favorites

It’s my favorite day of the week, even though I am retired! Yes Friday’s still represents the week winding down and the weekend beginning…both the beginning and the end to a cycle! This week I got to play with my granddaughter after not seeing her for two weeks. About three months ago, we began to actually “play” together for the first time. Now her imagination is growing and showing up in the play, making it even more fun! She wanted to make a kitty from play dough, then that kitty needed a sister, then a brother, then another kitty…as she embraces the understanding that families are collections of people. Pretty cool to watch it unfold in this little life who is now 22 months old.


Still life at Penny’s house

My Friday Favorites are:

  • My favorite simple blogThe Art of Simple with a great blog post to guide us through 3 questions to ask ourselves before buying something.
  • My favorite women’s network groupWomen with Moxie International Network. They have a Portland, Oregon, chapter run by Dill Ward, who brings heart, creativity and fun to the group and their events! I’ve gone to three different networking type mixers this past month and Moxie stood out as a favorite.

    August 4, 2015, Portland, OR, Moxie Mixer

  • Favorite challenge for making yourself visibleThe Visibility Challenge. I took this challenge in June, but am doing it again to stretch who I know myself to be even more. Sandra Pilarczyk makes it fun, light-hearted and it’s always about being real versus perfect!

  • Favorite tip for relationships – Chriss Lemmon reminded me in our meditation retreat last week that “relationships are all about listening.” It is by giving of our time and our full attention to others that we contribute the most to them. No gift can ever exceed our listening to another.

One of my favorite quotes

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