Farmers Market is Now Open Year Round!

I took advantage of this beautiful day, and took a walk to the Farmers Market at Portland State University.  The PSU Farmers Market is now open year round and I was curious if many vendors would be there.  What a treat to see a good third to half of the market was up and running with lots of people, activity and things to sample and buy.  I love how Farmers Markets allows me to tune in to the natural rhythm of our local crops.  Beautiful Brassicas and root vegetables prevail right now.


A good third to half of a full swing summer Farmers Market was happening today in late January


Chanterelle mushrooms


My favorite, Maitake mushrooms


Cabbage is a member of the Brassica family


Savoy Cabbage


Another favorite of mine is Kale and it too is a Brassica


Brussel sprouts


Gathering Together Farms display


Parsnips are a root vegetable


Turnips are Brassicas


Turnip greens


Apples are also still in season with a variety of types available


And lots of pears for tasting and purchase

There also were food vendors selling tamales, coffee and lots of meats, cheeses, eggs, preserves, fermented foods, kimchee, vinegars, breads, pastries and even a musician or two.  So I’m really glad I went.  There was a sense of activity and I always love to people watch there as well.  Plus it’s so nice to support our farmers and get to know those who grow our food.  Here’s a link to what’s happening with Farmers Markets in Portland.  We are fortunate to have 42 Farmers Markets in this area, with many of them offering markets even in winter!


Here’s what I bought (below) and I now wish I had bought some of those Maitake mushrooms too!  Oh well, there’s always next Saturday!


Dinosaur Kale, Red Russian Kale and Turnip Greens.  Time to “get my greens on” as Dara Dubinet says!



Maitake mushrooms sauted in olive oil with salt and garlic are divine! This was a cooking demo with samples to taste.  This tastes great with a simple pasta and some white or red wine.


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