The Natural World

As Portland hunkers down for some possible snow and freezing rain, here are some photos to share of the beauty of the natural world.  Each season has it’s glory and it’s challenges.  Being in nature is healing in a way that goes beyond words.  May we take a moment to stop and appreciate mother nature!


Arctic Blast showing the roads where I lived in town were not plowed in December 2008, Portland, Oregon

Portland April 2007 032

Spring pansies in Portland, 2007


Summer party for Ava’s Baby Shower, 2013


Fall leaves in Portland, 2012

When was the last time you were in nature?

What is the plan for your next dose of nature?

What is your favorite season?


  1. mellam says:

    Great photos, the clouds in the first picture are beautiful and very dramatic!


  2. blips says:

    I love your top image and the bottom one, nice colors, amazing nature.


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