As the WordPress Photography 101 course continues, today our word is “Connect.”  In my mind this is a much more obscure image to capture.  I like to think about the word and see what crosses my path on that day that might be a good way to communicate it to others.

Baby Ava having fun with Grandma B

Baby Ava having fun with Grandma B

Though we can connect through technology or by going inward to meditate, true connections happen between human beings or perhaps also with our furry friends.  The opening photo is of my daughter, with her husband and their one year child.  It was taken a few weeks ago on a family trip to Wallowa Lake.  I love this shot as it was spontaneous, and likely my daughter doesn’t even know it was taken.  It speaks to the connection of family and nature.  I am richly blessed to have my son-in-law and his family as part of my extended family.


Weekend in Wallowa Lake with Family

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