I am loving the WordPress Photography 101 course.  My favorite part is how I am challenged to represent the word we are given each day.  Today’s word is “solitude.”  I saw a blog this morning which reminded me that I had some clay bowls that I had thrown in pottery class back in the late 80’s.  So I pulled out the bowls and I admired them for their hardness, their irregularities, and their functionality.  I love it when an idea takes physical form and now it’s there to be seen and used nearly 25 years later.

Solitude is an empty bowl for one.  To me that captures both it’s reverence and it’s anticipation of a meal to be had and possibly shared.


4 bowls I made in pottery class in Mission Hills, San Diego in 1988-1989


Remembering 1989

I had fun pulling out these bowls and reflecting back to when I made them and how they have lasted through many bowls of cereal and salads and such.  I also realize that a meal shared is a whole different experience than one enjoyed while solo.  May we embrace the gift of solitude and yet yet not get too much of it.

What image captures solitude to you?


  1. Amy Sampson says:

    Beautiful photos! I also love the challenge of representing the word we are given each day. The word is posted at 9pm in my time zone, so I sleep on it. I usually have a few ideas by morning, but I seem to find something entirely different when I’m out trying to capture my ideas.


  2. Lynn Juel says:

    I really love this series you are doing for your class – thanks for sharing on your blog. Your last sentence on this one was thought provoking. Have not yet achieved the point of too much solitude in my life. I do appreciate your point though. Like the difference between “alone and lonely” I find the same with “solitude and isolation”. Read an interesting article recently about our culture no longer valuing introverts that I found very affirming. Solitude is truly how I recharge. Thought about what an image for me might be and came up with a simple single candle flame. Thanks again Kathy – inspiring as you often are!


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