Bliss is the state I embrace when I am in nature, when my heart is open and my thoughts are in slow motion.  It is found in colors, textures, light, sun shining upon my skin and that ability to see far with my eyes and spirit.  It can’t be forced, but it bubbles up more when my life is not overfull, when I allow myself the gift of time to reflect…to be…to appreciate.

Woman at the Rose Garden's

Bliss to me is this woman at the Portland Rose Gardens

When did you last feel blissful and why?


  1. Cindy Koczy says:

    Bliss is when I work out in the garden, on a sunny day.When I hike old growth forests and take time to marvel nature’s bounty from the ground up.It makes me happy to know the tree’s, standing tall and proud, and protected for future generations.

    Bliss is when the house is filled with good smells from cooking and my husband comes home from work, and says so.

    It’s when my family is together,it’s when a friend calls and wants to meet for conversation and tea.It’s taking time for myself to read a book.

    It’s holding a baby,talking with them,letting them know how beautiful they are.It’s playing with children and certainly bliss occurs,when I have as much fun as they do!

    Bliss is laughing,smiling at others,especially when they return the smile.
    Thanks Kathy, for inspiring me to think about it.It was very pleasant.


  2. Liz Smith says:

    Gorgeous photos Kathy! I connect with pure joy in nature and frequently find myself craving the bush I grew up in.
    To my eyes, you sure did catch a moment of bliss in the photo of the women at the gardens.


    • Thanks Liz, I love photography and have really liked the WordPress Photography 101 class so far. They also have Blogging 101 class as well. I’ve found a telephoto lens helps capture more candid shots which I love more than posed. Glad you enjoyed the images.


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