Raw Cleansing – Social Support During a Cleanse

As your cleanse continues, I thought I’d like to blog about social support, as it is an important part of sticking with your cleanse.  I usually try to lay low for much of the first phase of a cleanse when I can, just to be close to my next juice and when drinking lots of juice to also be close to the bathroom.  It takes a little while to see how your energy is going to be, especially during those initial 3-4 days.  But, often by now your energy will be improved and so the desire to go out and be with others can be a part of that.


Tips for Socializing while on a Cleanse:

  1. Prepare to have plenty of juice either prior to or at the event you are going to.  Bring a cooler of juice or smoothies if you need to.  Don’t let yourself get hungry and not have a plan as this will lead to eating things you are trying to avoid.IMG_4328
  2. Research ahead to find a restaurant that offers raw food you can eat.  Call the restaurant to talk to them about what they offer if to confirm it’s within your plan for that part of the cleanse, or to ask about modifying the menu to meet your needs.  It may be a salad or a smoothie or a fruit plate, but have a place in mind and go out with a family member or a friend and enjoy your time together.
  3. Go for a walk versus have the focus on food.  Offer to meet for a walk and catch up on each others lives.  Walking is good for the body and soul and often those conversations we have while walking seem deeper than those we might have sitting still.IMG_4248
  4. Go out for juice, herbal tea, coconut water or kombucha.
  5. Bring along raw snacks and beverages that allow you to eat and satisfy yourself.  An apple, banana or orange are easy to grab and bring along.  Coconut water in cans or kombucha are easy beverages as well.
  6. Look for Meet-Up groups that focus on health, raw foods or vegan lifestyle.
  7. Call or Skype with friends or supportive family members to keep your spirits high and to stay connected.
  8. Network through Facebook to find others with similar interests.
  9. Join an online group doing a cleanse.  Cleanse America, Raw Food Rehab, Joe Cross from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Diana Stobo and others offer periodic cleanses.  Some may be for a fee and others are free.

This month I decided to host a private Facebook group of those wishing to do a cleanse.  We have each been able to share our goals, share information, talk about challenges, ask questions of each other and to talk about our experiences while on the cleanse.  This group has taught me a lot about cleansing, because it instantly went from me on a cleanse to about 10 people.  We celebrate each members successes and do our best to support them with the challenges we all face at one time or another.  I’d like to say a big thank you to each of the folks participating!  If you’d like to join us next time, friend me on Facebook and I’ll announce when we do our next cleanse.

Tomorrow, the raw cleanse progresses to add in smoothies, salad and whole fruits and vegetables.  There is a whole new world out there ready to explore!

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