Going Deeper


Ava, my granddaughter

In a world that tells us to grow our numbers, buy more stuff, do more things, be outgoing…what is that all about? I’m finding a lot of it has to do with stretching broadly…but often that requires us to not go deep.

And I miss going deep! It’s just a part of who I am.

What am I doing to rectify that?

I am pulling back. Trusting my own inner gut, even when it contrasts with the advice of experts. I’m editing ruthlessly by: 

  • Deleting Facebook friends. My goal is to get down to the 100 people I am closest to. Please know if you got cut, it doesn’t mean you are not my friend. One of the things I find with Facebook is we are voyeurs to one another’s lives…but we aren’t truly engaged. At times we can get together and just say “I liked your posts recently” as if we don’t need to even share face-to-face what we have posted. I want to go deeper, to talk about our lives and our inner experience, so that likely is going on a walk, sharing coffee or tea or making that phone call.
  • Deleting Facebook groups that no longer serve me at this point in my journey. This includes groups I participated in and those I’ve led.
  • Removing myself from Meetup groups I’ve never attended and don’t see myself getting involved with this year.
  • Turning off notifications from everything except texts.
  • Meditating, walking, reading and writing more.
  • Sitting by the fire with my kitty, sipping tea as the sun rises.

Karma, my kitty

  • Planning short trips to places I want to explore more and inviting a friend to join me.
  • Not starting new classes on topics I’m well versed in already…but rather trusting my knowledge and focusing on applying what I’ve learned instead of thinking I need to learn more.
  • Allowing my inner woo woo to come out versus pretending to be rationale at all times.
  • Reconnecting with old friends.
  • Honoring the space that ritual and quiet provides.
  • Playing with my granddaughters!

This approach was inspired by an article  on “Go Deeper, Not Wider” which is worth a read.

This is an experiment. Meaning, we don’t know how it ends. But, I do know how the go broad opening statement goes and I feel it’s time to try something different. What’s one way you could go deeper versus broader in your own life right now?

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