January Challenge – Buy Nothing But Consumables


For the month of January (or a time of your choice), we take on the challenge to buy nothing but consumables.

“CONSUMABLES – For one month, only allow “consumables” to enter your house. For example: purchasing food, shampoo, toothpaste, would be OK (anything that can be used up), whereas new clothes, dishes, trinkets would *not* be OK (anything that will end up staying in the house). As with any quest, the goal is to “explore” what happens when you try it, and to share your experiences as they unfold.”

It’s a chance to pause and notice your spending habits. The world tells us to “buy more” via advertising and all the messages that this is what success looks like, but many are swallowed up in debt or smothered in stuff.

The only way to not be decluttering for a lifetime is to STOP INCOMING. Take this month to pause and notice your impulses to shop, buy and bring in stuff.

It’s a separate challenge within my Declutter & Simplify Your Life Facebook group. It’s FREE and totally voluntary. I hope you will join us! Just join our Facebook group for more details.


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