Your Goal Will Influence Your Decisions


Door to Church of Perse leaving Saint-Come-d’Olt

My Guidelines for Walking

  1. Walk with an open heart – as if each step is a meditation. Be fully present to the now.
  2. Use my heart and body with most decisions, letting ego and mind take a back seat. Mind is not absent, but it is not dominant as our culture often suggests is preferred.
  3. Rest for 20 minutes in each town. Socks and shoes off when possible.
  4. Hydrate. Fill up with water at each fountain. Keep water within easy reach. Aim to empty canteen before next town.
  5. Trust. Don’t have to plan it all, secure it all, know it all, control it all. Be in the flow and see how that works. Adjust accordingly.

Some of the lessons learned while walking in France this spring. Can be applied to walking or life. 

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