Time for a Digital Declutter

Hi there! Our Portland Minimalists group voted to do a Digital Declutter as one of our challenges this year. While I am organizing the content for all of us, I thought to invite you along too. It starts on Sunday, May 1st, and will take place during the month of May with a new topic each week.


What is a Digital Declutter? It’s when one uses decluttering techniques for their digital content such as email, smartphone, computer files, online photos and other online content. This can apply to your personal and / or work content.

Why do a Digital Declutter? To simplify what’s on your devices and screen for those that give you joy. To make sure your technology works for you…versus dings and pings and pulls you off task. To reduce the pressure of your inbox. To be able to find your treasured photos. To learn new tips for managing the digital part of your life.

How much does it cost? It’s free.

How much time will it take? That’s a bit like asking how long will it take to declutter my house. For some it’s going to be a bigger task, depending on what digital content you have and how much you’ve organized it or decluttered it up to now. Even 1-2 hours a week will make a significant dent in your digital world.


How does it work? You get a weekly email with content and assignments. I often make a short video to go over tips and ways to approach your decluttering. You can also join our Facebook group and hear how others are doing, ask questions, share your challenges and successes.

What if I’m not on Facebook? You can participate via just email if you like. I actually encourage everyone to sign up for the emails as that way you’ve got the content and it’s in chronological order for when you’re ready.

Why be part of the Facebook group? This allows discussion, questions, people can also post how they are doing in words and photos…it helps you have that group support. Doing it together is motivating!

How do I sign up?

  • Click here to join our Facebook group. Note – If you have been part of my annual household declutter, you may already be a part of this group.
  • Click here to sign up for the weekly email assignments. Note – If you’re new to this email list, you will also get my free One-Week Declutter Kickstart which offers daily assignments for one week decluttering of your home. Save it for later or do both if you like.

Hope to see you in our challenge. I need this just as bad as anybody!

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