Gratitude & Miracles in 2015

Each year I start the year with an empty jar, and as I experience things that make me well up with gratitude, or where I feel a miracle has occurred, I write them down and put them in the jar.


On January 1st, I brew some tea, light a fire and read through all the cool things that have been part of my year. There are things in there I would have forgotten, had I not taken the time to jot them down and plunk them into the jar.



It’s an easy practice that pays off so much. I suggest you try it. Keep the jar within view to remind you periodically to write things down. Or put a reminder on your calendar once or twice a month to trigger you to keep it going.

Here are some of my 2015 things I am grateful for:

  1. All my Friday walks with my friend, Kathy Davis. I treasure time in nature, walking, and our special sharing.
  2. Fun Airbnb guests – Ace from PCT, Aussie belly dancer, Canadian surgical resident, etc. etc.
  3. Special visitors – Liz & Stuart, Tara, and Penny – looks like most are from Australia this year.
  4. New friends, Kimberly, Berry, Victoria, Carrie, Chemese, Ann Mai, Lynn, Andrea & Neal. And Vanora, a friend from San Diego, becomes my Portland neighbor.
  5. Wrote my first book “Raw Cleansing as a Pathway to Health.”
  6. Attended the final Vida Vegan Con in Austin. I’ve always wanted to go to Austin.
  7. Having fun and learning lots in my Facebook groups – Decluttering, Raw Cleansing, My Best Year, Portlandia Pilgrims, and
  8. Four week raw cleanses in April, June and September.
  9. Partnership with Portland Juice Co. on my raw cleanses creating two guides for our mutual customers.
  10. Attended Brendon Burchard‘s High Performance Academy in October.
  11. Attended World Domination Summit in July.
  12. Led an Eco-challenge with NW Earth Institute and had three people go vegan with me for two-weeks in October.
  13. Learned to put only one space after the period in sentences. Yes, you really can teach an old dog, new tricks!
  14. Redesigned my website and business with help of Theresa Pridemore, Britney Gardner and Ailey Hines.
  15. Still love blogging! Learned new technology – Google Hangouts On Air, Webinar Jam, Mailchimp, Shopify and Canva.
  16. Designed and decorated my office with the help of Carrie Ure.
  17. Pilgrim’s generously share their stories to create what I am calling the Pilgrim Project.
  18. Myra & Ryan didn’t move to New York!
  19. Ava learns to walk, talk and play. She’s so much fun to do imaginary play with!
  20. New grandchild on the way in July 2016!

When I pay attention to the miracles and things I’m grateful for, I see and experience more of them!


Go for it folks…this is totally FREE and adds so much! Please comment below if you’ve done this or a similar thing and what you thought of it. Thanks! 


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