Friday Favorites

It’s amazing how life can change in one moment. Yes, one simple moment. Today I was leaving the gym, feeling good that I wasn’t letting my shoulder pain keep me away from working out my other body parts…when I hit a car! The good news is, no one was hurt. The bad news is, my car is  not drivable as in the whole bumper, grill, turn lights and all came off and something is rubbing the wheels. So I’m upset that it happened, while also oh so grateful that no one was hurt, realizing my life could have changed even more if the timing had been different and we hit more directly.

So todays favorites are all about ways to live our lives more fully!

  • My Favorite Blog Post – Sometimes just one letter can make that difference. Here is a sweet post that is also very powerful when we look at taking things on now versus being stuck in “someday mentality.”
  • Favorite Podcast – Tonya Leigh, from the French Kissed Life being interviewed by Rachel Rofe is a great way to expand your world in just 40 minutes. I had the amazing fortune to meet a stranger at a World Domination Summit event who took me with her to meet Tonya Leigh. Mind you I didn’t know the woman I was with until about a half hour before and I never heard of Tonya Leigh. One of the things that amazed me was how open and available Tonya was. We got about 30 minutes to talk with her about life, my business, wine and much more! She’s all about having a heart centered life and being able to say “well done darling” in a toast to ourselves when we are 90.
  • Favorite Book – The Big Book of Mandalas Coloring Book – Peace and Relaxation volume 2. I got this at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine as I was picking up my herbs today, it caught my eye. Coloring is a way to reduce stress and I’ve got a real nice set of Prismacolor colored pencils to use with the book!

New book I bought as I was picking up my herbs from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

So hug those close to you and enjoy todays favorites as a way to deepen your experience of life! And time to get coloring to reduce my stress too.

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  1. Penny Guinther says:

    Great post and so sorry to hear about your car! Glad you are uninjured. Do you have a rental?


  2. Good thing you didn’t get hurt! Things can be replaced, but people can’t ! Have a good weekend!


  3. miriamcarl says:

    Glad you’re alright!


  4. Tia says:

    Life can change in a moment yes. Glad your moment wasn’t too bad and you didn’t hurt your shoulder any more.
    Also, I like your realizations from your moment.
    Portland public transportation is great!


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