Friday Favorites

Wow, it’s time for Friday favorites again already! This week has flown by and I’m still dealing with pain from possible frozen shoulder. I’m getting ready to brew some Chinese herbs to help with healing and pain relief. Meanwhile some highlights of my week were; seeing my daughter and granddaughter and a fun mixer last night which I will list below. With my daughter and her daughter, we went on a walk to Tabor Bread. It was a pretty long walk for Ava who is nearly two and she stopped to pick up gravel, smell the plants and walk up a few driveways. It gives my heart pure pleasure to see what an awesome mom my daughter is.

  • Favorite mixer and education oppWine, Women and Wealth which was hosted by Kelly Nash. What a fun evening! We gathered at a wine bar for complimentary wine and charcuterie with about fifteen amazing women from all walks of life. I don’t know if this group was exceptional, but the sense of connection, genuine sharing was off the charts good! Kelly did a presentation about preparing for our retirement and avoiding the potholes that lurk out there in abundance. Then we went around and introduced ourselves and our businesses and lots of connections were had.
  • Favorite TED Talk about creativity and our relationship to it. Jonathan Tilley explores what creativity is trying to tell you and some key tips for how it works in our lives. Did you know that creativity needs a sacred space? A must see!

Creativity Needs sacred space

  • Favorite blot post about How to Live a Near Zero Waste Life. The first thing that pulled me in here, was the “near zero” as it just seems more realistic than ever having “zero” as some people speak about. In his blog, Rob Greenfield gives us key tips for reducing our waste and being mindful about how to reduce our eco footprint.

We are due to get some rain over the next few days and the plants in our parks and yards sure need it. Seeing drought in the Pacific Northwest is particularly scary as we usually are so wet and green here. Get out in nature this week, even if it is just for a walk around the block. Nature offers us so many healing benefits, so be sure to soak them up!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I’m from pdx and I am so glad to see rain coming as well! These fires are scary!


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